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20 Uses for 2 Liter Bottles (link)

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The following is quite a compilation of ways to use a typical 2-liter soda (or water) bottle for survival, including plenty of videos. I’m surprised, however, that it didn’t mention SODIS but I did discover a few interesting ways to use them which I hadn’t considered before, such as a makeshift pillow, bowl (duh! I should have realized that), wind turbine, and more:

When most people finish drinking from a water bottle, they simply toss it in the recycling or trash. After all, what can you really do with an empty plastic bottle? Well, it can actually serve multiple, extremely important purposes- especially in a survival scenario where supplies will be difficult to come by. The 2-liter variety is especially useful because of its larger size.

By the way, if you’re looking for more survival items with numerous alternative uses, I suggest you take a look at the articles about duct tape, paracord and bandanna uses.

1. Make a Hand Washing Station
This is a great and simple way to use the plastic container. Just fill the water bottle completely up and hang it upside down. Make sure it’s hung as sturdy as possible to avoid wasting water.

Then, place it over a bowl (optional) and carefully unscrew the cap so that a small stream of water comes out. Make it so that gentle streams come out when the middle is squeezed. Tighten the cap when your hands are decently clean…

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By Damian Brindle

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