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30 Uses For Wood Ash You Never Thought Of (link)

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I just watched this video on what to do with hot wood ash and, though good recommendations, the video only touched on two possible uses. I knew there were plenty more and so did a brief search and found this post on 30 uses for wood ash you never though of and figured it was an appropriate article to share assuming you’re heating with wood this winter.

I do find it interesting that wood ash can be used in many ways as a cleaner seeing as though most people (me included) tend to consider ash dirty! It’s so amazing that nature provides for us if we only bother to pay attention. 🙂 Besides as a cleaner, ash can be used to ward off animals and insects, in the garden, as a water filter, and so much more.

Here’s a bit of the article, please click the link below to read the full article:

“1. Make lye water out of ash. You can boil 2-3 spoons of ash (clean white/grey fluffy ash) with water and then filter it with a coffee filter. Lye water is a great cleaning agent and sanitizer for clothes, floors, windows, silverware, plates, and even rust in marble. You can also make lye by adding the fluffy white ash in a cheesecloth.

2. A paste made out of ash and water, can remove stains from furniture.

3. If we want to remove a stain from clothes the moment they happen, we add a bit of ash and after about five minutes, we rub it with the crumb of a bread (not the crust, the soft white bit).

4. Ash is a great odour repellent, just add a bit over the area that smells. eg, kitty litter.”

Read the full article here

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