31 OTC Meds To Stockpile (link)

Unfortunately, my family is currently suffering through some illnesses and so this particular topic hits home. No doubt there are plenty of over-the-counter (OTC) medications to stockpile and the following article offers, well, 31 suggestions.

I believe most items I would have expected are covered, everything form pain relief to coughs and more. I did notice, however, one or two items that I would NOT consider OTC, such as QuikClot or FishMox (fish amoxicillin), so take the list as you will.

I didn’t notice, on the other hand, a few items I would have included such as lip balm, poision ivy scrub, gold bond foot powder, and whatnot but then again this list isn’t meant to be all-inclusive…

“Experienced preppers realize that when SHTF, one of the first locations looted and wiped out will be pharmacies and drugstores. What you may not realize is that in addition to those narcotics and prescription medications that many people covet, pretty much all of the over the counter medications (OTC) will be wiped out too. And in a SHTF scenario, no access to OTC meds not only makes life uncomfortable but it can be life threatening.

A great resource to purchase and have on hand is the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) Guide to Nonprescription medications. Keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor and cannot in any way recommend specific OTC meds for your individual situation. Please consult your physician for any possible contraindications or side effects with OTC meds that you choose to stockpile…”

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Author: Damian Brindle

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