7 Steps to a Fire Survival Plan (link)

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Fires are an everyday survival problem everyone has and your family’s ability to survive a house fire shouldn’t be taken lightly. The following article sheds some light on what you can and should do to stay safe. I should point out that the article states “…all fires start when you don’t pay attention to flammable surfaces…” which isn’t entirely true; some fires start just because stuff happens but I would suggest that not paying attention–along with doing things wrong–is a contributing factor to many house fires and so common sense and awareness are a must where fires are possible.

The article suggests common sense actions like including a smoke alarm in all reasonable places because the more warning, even a few seconds, that you have could be the critical difference to getting out safely. It also suggests pre-planning escape routes. This is a great idea and one that I’d encourage you to do with your own family, particularly children. Ensuring they understand something as seemingly “obvious” as how to open their bedroom window and really just talking about what they can and should do is a must.

One thing I didn’t see that I do myself is to have power failure lights in each bedroom of the house. These are designed to turn on automatically if the power fails which is something that can happen in a fire but, more importantly, they give your family a readily available light that should be easy to grab, always in the same place, and fully charged for when they need it the most.

Now, here’s the first part of the article…

“Usually, approximately 40% of the fires that burst in populated areas result in death, which could be avoided if people used some other option than staying in their room, hiding in a closet, or even under the bed. If you do not try to escape using a viable plan for that escape, you will find yourself trapped in a burning building.

Did you know that all fires start when you don’t pay attention to flammable surfaces, flammable objects, and heat sources? And a fire cannot happen without the three parts of the fire triangle: heat, oxygen, and fuel?…”

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Author: Damian Brindle

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