A Knock At The Door, What Should You Do? (link)

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This is a good question, isn’t it? And one that few people expect to deal with but, sadly, it’s a potentially scary circumstance all American’s may face in their lifetime. Granted, the potential “threat” could be nothing at all but, then again, it could be your worst nightmare. What would you do? Here’s some thoughts from a law enforcement officer…

“A couple of years ago, when my mother still lived alone and before it became evident that her dementia was worsening, I took my wife and two daughters for an overnight visit. She lived about four hours from where we do and we often planned visits that allowed us to spend two days or more with her.

My mother liked to sleep on the couch in the living room. She had what some might consider an irrational fear of sleeping upstairs in the event that she had to get out of the house quickly or confront a situation in the middle of the night that might go unnoticed if she was sleeping on another floor. My wife and I had gone to bed in a bedroom upstairs, while my kids were sleeping in yet another bedroom on the second floor…”

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