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3 Reasons I Ditched My Bug Out Bag – Wait, What?

Well this video caught my eye. After all, he’s chosen NOT to have a bug out bag… is he crazy!? Perhaps not. At least, not when trying to survive an apocalyptic event or societal collapse, in which case I tend to agree with him. Personally, I’d be far more likely to stay put in such […]

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The Truth About Survival Knives

Knives are a hotly debated and popular gear item in the survival community. Choosing the right knife is a personal choice and the purpose of this article is not to sway you to a certain brand or model. However, my goal is to possibly shift your perspective on what a “survival” knife is.  The Real […]

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Urban EDC Backpack

I always enjoy finding out what others put together in their survival gear since it gives me the opportunity to consider items that I might not have included in my own bags. And, although he includes several items that I didn’t, such as a ResQMe Escape Tool, or the Amuvec 4-in-1 Multi Charging Cable and […]

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Machete Axe Combo?

Normally I avoid oddball gadgets like this and I’m usually not a fan of multi-use tools either (except my trusty Leatherman Wave) because they tend to never do a single job very well, but this machete axe combo caught my eye. At first glace I thought you were supposed to wield the axe with the […]

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The Ultimate Bug Out Boat: Living on a Self-Sufficient Sailboat for 10 Years

While I doubt I could willfully live for months or years on a boat like these folks did, I think the idea of a self-sustainable watercraft is an amazing idea for preparedness, and this boat clearly takes the idea of bugging out to a whole other level! Just think how awesome it would be to […]

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8 Simple and Easy Rocket Stoves

I really enjoy making rocket stoves. I’ve made several over the years, from really small stoves using vegetable cans to larger ones using bricks. They’re really fun to make! And, if you’re into survivalism, they can be a life-saver. I would encourage everyone to understand the concept and to try one of the builds from […]

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4 Cold-Weather SHTF Evacuation Preps

“Hope for the best, plan for the worst,” is a well-known adage in disaster-prepping circles, and when it comes to weather conditions, bugging out in the cold presents unique challenges. If you’ve ever lived where the winter brings foul weather then you’ll understand that as things get a little more complicated when it’s both cold […]

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Urban Get Home Bag

Apparently, great minds think alike because SensiblePrepper finally got on board with creating his own get home bag which, in my humble opinion, is just as important as a traditional bug out bag. After all, you’re easily likely to be AWAY from home and needing to get back in more situations than you are to […]

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Off the Grid Super Stack FINAL Call

This is the final mention about this amazing offer because your chance to grab the Off the Grid Super Stack ends at midnight (EST) on Tuesday, 9/17/19. If you haven’t decided yet, I’d say there are two simple questions you need to answer: Question 1: Do you have the time, energy and wisdom to figure everything out […]

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9 Skills to Teach Your Kids About Survival

As a parent, ensuring your children are safe from harm is a top priority in life. While it’s important to educate and prepare yourself for emergencies or impeding danger, your kids may not always be with you and rely on your survival instincts. Would they have the knowledge and skills to get by on their […]