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Beware: 5 Dangers You May Encounter in the Woods (and what to do about it)

Who doesn’t love a good trip into the wild? Whether you’re hiking, kayaking down a river, camping for the night, or doing some other manner of outdoor activity, it can be therapeutic to unwind in the great outdoors. Many of us crave that escape from society to spend time out in the quiet, desolate expanse […]

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The Mors Kochanski Super Shelter

Here’s Mors himself discussing his “super shelter” design (based off the igloo) for wilderness survival. Inside the video he shows you a few different shelter, including one really BIG one! You can get the book he recommends, The Two Kilogram Survival Kit Field Manual, to explain the idea even more, if you like…

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7 Steps to Building Your First Bug Out Bag

Whether in the event of natural disaster or an invasion, city-wide dangers or anarchy, there are many uses and times in which a bug out bag’s existence and necessity may very well become a reality. A very familiar element to those that have volunteered alongside of or worked in the military, terms like “go bag” […]

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7 Reasons To Add Thermal Optics In Your Preps

Are Thermal Imaging Scopes Useful? Having seen the movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger when I was young landed me with a fascination for thermal optics. That fascination is not what led me to start considering their use today. Not only as an aid to hunting but as an option for a variety of tasks that […]

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99% Don’t Have This ONE Survival Item In Their Vehicles

He’s right, I don’t have this in my car… but I will very soon!

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The Bronc Box: Durable Gear Storage

This guy always seems to come up with neat new gear, and the bronc box is no exception. If you’re looking for a very durable, modular storage option for your weapons and gear, this box may be just the thing. They say it’s “build like a tank,” floats, can be customized, comes in different colors, […]

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Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Review

I was sent this Off Grid Tools Survival Axe with “31 features” in exchange for an honest review. And I told the representative that I’m not normally a fan of multi-use tools such as these… maybe I was wrong in this case. I do want to point out that I feel advertising a tool has “31 […]

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GoSun Sport Portable Solar Cooker

I used to love to cook meals with my All American Sun Oven (like this one) and would post about it almost weekly for quite a while. Sadly, we moved to the Pacific Northwest and, well… those tall trees don’t make for advantageous solar cooking conditions, lol. Maybe one of these days I’ll dust it […]

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Save 31% on Collapsible Camping Lanterns (2-pk)

I got an email today from Amazon pointing out that, for a limited time, you can save 31% off a 2-pack of collapsible camping lanterns with promo code 312EA2RH. Personally, I’ve got a few collapsible lanterns like these and have used them for at least two or three years now and I think they’re great! I […]

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Get Home Bag Real World Examples

Understanding the purpose behind a “get home bag” or “bug out bag” will help you decide what to include and why. In this video, SensiblePrepper emphasizes the reasons why you should have such a bag ready at all times with several worthwhile examples. He also briefly discusses items to include–medical items and self defense–especially the […]