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RZ Mask: Forget N-95 and N-100 Masks, Try This Instead!

I was sent two different RZ Masks for review recently and I can say that I’m growing rather fond of wearing one, especially since it’s been COLD outside: Don’t I look handsome? Well, maybe not so much. 🙂 And apart from possibly scaring a few folks during my morning runs lately, the RZ Mask is […]

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13.7 lb Get Home Bag (link)

The older I get the more I realize that I can’t carry 40-50 pound bags around anymore. 😉 Weight is most definitely a concern when it comes to bug out bags and get home bags these days. Overall, I’d say this post did a pretty good job of packing in the necessities while keeping weight […]

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This Survival Kit Is NOT Something To Rely Upon (video)

Normally, I like to show fun stuff and things that work out but sometimes it’s useful to see when things don’t quite work well. That, sadly, is the case with this Schrade Survival Kit. Let’s say this is a healthy reminder to us all that you’re almost always better off putting together your own survival […]

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Viking Folding Saw for Camping and Hiking (video)

Folding saws for your camping and hiking adventures are just awesome additions if you don’t have one. This EKA Viking Folding Saw appears to be a good one according to the video but I find it hard to beat a trusty Sven Folding Saw for such purposes because it’s reliable and relatively cheap. That said, […]

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Neat Idea to Keep Feet Warm (video)

It never occurred to me to use this simple idea to help keep my feet warm in the winter cold. For about a $1 you can add some much needed insulation to all of your winter boots and shoes. Skip to about the 0:35 mark to get to the *trick* he suggests…

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Solo Stove: Perfect for Backpacking, Bug Out, Emergencies

I’m sure you’re familiar (or at least have seen) the Solo Stove over the years, I know I have. For some reason I never bothered to buy one… what a mistake! Fortunately, I was sent one to review along with the accompanying pot 900. I should point out that I’m NOT a huge backpacker so […]

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How to Make a Smartphone Work With Winter Gloves (video)

At first I thought this was kind of a silly video, after all, if I’m going to be surviving I surely won’t need my smartphone… right? Well, not so fast. I, for one, have quite a few survival-related apps, maps, pdfs, and whatnot on my smartphone and could sure make use of them in a […]

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RZ Mask: Airborne Contamination Protection In Your Bug Out Bag (video)

Like he says, airborne contamination is probably an overlooked area of preparedness in most bug out bags. In this video, he points out an interesting tool that I hadn’t heard of before today, the RZ Mask which is obviously intended to help protect you from harmful airborne contaminants. The interesting thing is that this mask […]

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DIY Paracord Pill Bottle Dispenser

When I watched this video on making a DIY paracord dispenser I immediately went out to the workshop and tried my hand at it. Unfortunately, I had a bit of trouble transferring the idea to a pill bottle on my first attempt because I tried to put the bolt through the sides of the bottle which […]

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MSR Stainless Steel Stowaway Pot (video)

This video isn’t so much about the [easyazon_link identifier=”B000FBSZGU” locale=”US” tag=”rethinksurviv-20″]MSR stowaway pot[/easyazon_link] but more about all the goodies he’s included with it for cooking. He certainly included the important stuff like a spoon, soap, and condiments; I might have tried to toss in a small rag too but I like to shove, shove, shove. […]