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The Ultimate Backpacking Survival Rifle Build

Looking for the “ultimate” survival rifle? Well, look no further than this Ruger 10/22 rifle (featuring the Gemtech Mist-22 silencer) with Magpul X-22 BackPacker stock (holds 3 ten-round mags), and Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot sight mounted on a Magpul optics mount. All together you’re probably looking at around $1,000 to put this survival rifle […]

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DIY $30 Bullet Resistant Armor?

This DIY armor was hit with 9mm as well as various shotgun loads, including birdshot, buckshot, and a slug… and the DIY armor stayed intact! Unsurprisingly, it didn’t survive any 5.56 rounds, but if it did then THAT would’ve been a miracle and he should be patenting the process right now. In any case, they […]

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Survival Shotguns: How to Choose the Right One for You

The shotgun is one of the most valuable survival firearm one can own instead of a rifle or pistol. It possesses a great force of firepower compared to shots fired from a pistol. Therefore, owning the right to say that “no one really wants to be hit by one” when it is draw out. The […]

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How to Build an Underground Bunker

An underground bunker could be your best asset in many different survival scenarios. It gives you a place to wait out whatever chaos might be going on above-ground and helps ensure you and your family stay safe — even comfortable — no matter what’s happening in the world. Many survivalists dream of having an underground […]

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The BIGGEST Mistake After A Self-Defense Shooting

If you’re unaware, the biggest mistake is always talking to the police. In the following video, a former prosecutor discusses why it’s so important to keep your mouth shut! And he points out what else you should do near the end of the video…

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25 Survival Gadgets You’re Going to Want!

I happened upon this first video and then the never-ending YouTube trail led me to find the rest. I’d say that I definitely haven’t seen at least half of the gadgets shown in the following videos–possibly more–many of which look really interesting! Hope you find them as enjoyable as I did…

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Can You Spot What’s Wrong Here?

This is a photo of my front door, maybe you can spot what’s wrong quickly: If not, maybe this photo helps: You see the door security latch there? It’s missing an important part: I’d say it’s kind of useless without that piece, wouldn’t you? The sad thing is that nothing major happened to make it […]

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3 Innovative Door Security Devices

My kid likes to watch YouTube videos about new gadgets and occasionally I watch them with him. One video caught my eye recently where it showed a few different door security ideas. This one on the Barricade Box was particularly interesting: Even though it’s meant for schools I can see how the barricade box may […]

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Why You Should NEVER Use Paper to Start a Wood Stove

My family and I have been visiting my in-laws over the Christmas holidays. The time has been nice and mostly without incident, but the day after Christmas we had an unpleasant surprise await us when we returned from the movies… the house was full of smoke! You see, my brother-in-law had been trying to keep […]

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How to Survive Getting Stranded in the Snow

Winter is here, and the temperatures are falling fast. One thing no one wants to think about is the possibility of getting stranded in the snow. How will you survive if you get stranded in the woods during a blizzard, or your car gets stuck in a snowdrift on the side of the road? What […]