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Worm Bins 5 Years Later

It’s gardening season and I figured it would be fun to start with a video on worms. 🙂 This particular video is sort of an update on a previous video he did on how to set up a cheap worm bin, if interested. You can skip to about the 5:45 mark to get to where […]

Disaster Planning

Family Survival Training: A Step by Step Guide

For many people, family is their number one priority. As parents, we go to work in order to provide food and shelter for our children, we try and provide the best education, and give them what we lacked during our own childhood. However, many people forget to teach their children how to respond to an […]

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Survival Water From Your Hot Water Heater

In the video I posted the other day about 7 steps for emergency water preparation, I don’t recall it saying anything about how to get water out of the water heater. The following post covers that crucial knowledge in detail… Probably the first thing any of us will notice in a post-disaster scenario is the […]

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How to Build an Underground Bunker

An underground bunker could be your best asset in many different survival scenarios. It gives you a place to wait out whatever chaos might be going on above-ground and helps ensure you and your family stay safe — even comfortable — no matter what’s happening in the world. Many survivalists dream of having an underground […]

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5 Items You Might Not Have Thought Of For SHTF

Like he said from the start, you may well have some of the following items in some form or another, but maybe not precisely what he discusses in the video. In any case, I would suggest you ensure you have the following handful of items, including the cast iron cookware and quality blankets, for sure. […]

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8 Best Portable Stoves for Bug Out

I always enjoy reading about what other people think are the “best” of anything because you never know what you might find and maybe, just maybe, you’ll come across something new. In any case, the following article discusses eight useful bug out stove options, including rocket stoves (a personal favorite), hobo stoves, traditional butane or […]

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7 Common Trees Ranked for Survival Purposes

The following article is an interesting (and unexpected) comparison of several common trees and attempts to rank them in order of best to worst for survival purposes focusing on several key areas, including nutritional benefits, medicinal value, firewood quality, and more. The article compares oak trees, apple and maple trees, white pines, and a few […]

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Can You Spot What’s Wrong Here?

This is a photo of my front door, maybe you can spot what’s wrong quickly: If not, maybe this photo helps: You see the door security latch there? It’s missing an important part: I’d say it’s kind of useless without that piece, wouldn’t you? The sad thing is that nothing major happened to make it […]

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100 Best Grocery Store Foods to Stockpile

I’ve long been a believer that you MUST have your food storage squared away before a disaster hits because you simply won’t get much done if your mind is always focused on being hungry for lack of food. That said, there are certainly plenty of other areas of survival to figure out too, but having […]

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Top 5 Items for Your Get Home Bag (GHB)

I happened upon the following video earlier today and I couldn’t resist checking out what the guy had to say as I’m always looking to see if I’m missing something in my bug out bag–I’m not–especially something I may not have included in my 53 essentials book. Unfortunately, the title is a bit misleading because […]