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How to Find and Dig a Shallow Well From Start to Finish

I’ve never tried to dig a well myself nor have I ever tried dowsing rods, but this guy apparently swears by them. The first several minutes of the video is him finding the best place to dig, while the rest is him digging the well and installing the piping and pump. It’s a pretty neat […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiking and Backpacking Foods

Protein bars can only sustain you for so long before you begin to crave variety. While the uninformed can get by on 48-hour trips into the wilderness, there are a lot of advantages to making yourself comfortable during prolonged outings. That means mixing up your diet, understanding how to pack nutritious food that won’t weigh […]

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Survival Water From Your Hot Water Heater

In the video I posted the other day about 7 steps for emergency water preparation, I don’t recall it saying anything about how to get water out of the water heater. The following post covers that crucial knowledge in detail… Probably the first thing any of us will notice in a post-disaster scenario is the […]

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7 Steps for Emergency Water Preparation

If you don’t yet have your emergency water preparations in order, STOP NOW and get it together! Because if you don’t have your water squared away, not much else is going to matter when disaster strikes. Here’s what you need to know…

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100 Best Grocery Store Foods to Stockpile

I’ve long been a believer that you MUST have your food storage squared away before a disaster hits because you simply won’t get much done if your mind is always focused on being hungry for lack of food. That said, there are certainly plenty of other areas of survival to figure out too, but having […]

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Easy DIY Water Filter

With a little ingenuity and a few parts (of about $30 or less) you can build your own SHTF DIY water filter which can be reused over and over again. You only need an inexpensive hand pump, activated carbon, window screen material (or something similar), a small piece of PVC pipe, as well as some […]

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GoSun Sport Portable Solar Cooker

I used to love to cook meals with my All American Sun Oven (like this one) and would post about it almost weekly for quite a while. Sadly, we moved to the Pacific Northwest and, well… those tall trees don’t make for advantageous solar cooking conditions, lol. Maybe one of these days I’ll dust it […]

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Sowing Garden Seeds With PVC?

Here’s an interesting idea for those who still want to garden but have joint pain or knee / back problems…

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3 Ways to Preserve Food WITHOUT Canning

Occasionally, I rant about how much I despise canning foods… it’s always been a pain, in my opinion, and quite messy. That said, I know it can be a great way to put a lot of food if you’re willing to do so, and I’m just not THAT willing, lol. Fortunately, there are plenty of […]

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$10 DIY Food Dehydrator

For about $10 to buy a DC cooling fan and a heat lamp bulb (along with a few scavenged items) you too can have your own DIY food dehydrator and make your own beef jerky at home! And to think I spent hundreds of dollars on an Excalibur dehydrator which I absolutely love using, by […]