How To Get Antibiotics Without A Prescription (video)

Just repeat the mantra: “my fish are sick, my fish are sick, my fish are sick” and you’ll be on the right track for sure, plus this video discusses a wonderful SHTF medical preparedness book, The Survival Medicine Handbook, which is written by two of my most favorite people, the Alton’s of Trust me, you can’t go wrong with purchasing this book and following their advice…

How to Treat Tension Pneumothorax (video)

I’m glad I’m not an EMT! I can only imagine myself attempting to remember (let alone do) this if/when needed. I’d say the take away here is to call 9-1-1 should this ever be necessary. That said, if this is SHTF then you probably have no choice but to attempt. If you truly expect to do that then get appropriate training now…

Check Your First Aid Supplies Lately? I Just Did And I Was Shocked At My Failure…

The other day my kid was feeling sick with sinus pressure so I went looking for some Children’s Mucinex and, while I had two bottles, they had apparently “expired” about three years ago.

Now, normally I wouldn’t pay too much attention to expiration dates but since it was a liquid medication (they tend to go bad faster than tablets, for example) and since it was my kid I was giving this to, I decided to toss the Mucinex and go get some more.

The point, however, was that I started to look at the various first aid supplies and medications I keep in my basic first aid kit and it must have been a while since I’d looked at this stuff because I was quite surprised when I found that the vast majority of the supplies I’d had on hand were technically expired.

Here, take a look…


There are dozens of different medications here, as well as some duplicates, all of which are technically expired. Granted, some are only recently expired (dates from early this year or late last year) but I did find a few items that had expiration dates of 2009. 😉

Like I eluded to above, I’m not terribly concerned about some of the tablets and pills but there are quite a few ointments, gels, and other liquids that probably need replaced for sure.

In my defense, I used to keep a spreadsheet on my computer which I updated regularly with expiration dates but I had trouble with my PC a while back and lost some files (or at least didn’t keep them backed up like I should have) and ended up “giving up” on keeping track of my first aid supplies thinking that I would just replace stuff as needed… yeah, that didn’t quite work out as anticipated.

In fact, I think I actually had MORE supplies which need replaced than not! Moreover, this isn’t even counting the several items not pictured above which didn’t have expiration dates but probably need replaced too.

So, here I am on Saturday morning making a huge first aid supplies shopping list. Good thing this wasn’t SHTF… yet.

The takeaway: check your first aid supplies and make a list of expiration dates or, at least, put in on the calendar to check them once a year, which I’ve just done myself.

What to Know About Brown Recluse Spider Bites (video)

I used to live in the Midwest where brown recluse spiders were fairly common. The thing was that I rarely saw them BECAUSE they’re reclusive! The following video discusses how to know if you’ve been bitten, what to expect, and how to treat if necessary using home remedies and even what not to do and use (such as venom extraction kits)…

Pocket Trauma Kit (video)

Skinny Medic has a new trauma kit for sale and though it’s directed towards first responders this mini trauma kit could certainly prove useful in a EDC bag, bug out bag, or in some cargo pants.

If you like, you can buy the pocket trauma kit here for $49.99; realize that the tourniquet alone will cost you $35+ on Amazon, the emergency trauma dressing is about $10, and the compress gauze is a few bucks so you’re really just paying for the supplies in his kit…

RZ Mask: Airborne Contamination Protection In Your Bug Out Bag (video)

Like he says, airborne contamination is probably an overlooked area of preparedness in most bug out bags. In this video, he points out an interesting tool that I hadn’t heard of before today, the RZ Mask which is obviously intended to help protect you from harmful airborne contaminants.

The interesting thing is that this mask actually includes an active carbon filter which is intended to help filter out dust particles up to 99.9%. This is an interesting prep to include and likely better than the common dust mask while also offering more protection for your face.

Of course, the RZ mask isn’t a super cheap option, as such, a simple bandanna is better than nothing, has many uses, and is almost nothing when packed. Beyond that, a n-95 mask or n-100 mask (with one-way valve) are good to include too but for the price and overall protection offered this RZ mask may be a good addition (note: some Amazon reviews pointed out that this mask has a strong chemical / plastic smell so be aware of that)…

Why Fish Antibiotics Are Logical For Survival (video)

Dr. Alton (of uses some good old fashioned logic sprinkled with some doctor know-how as to why fish antibiotics are–in most cases–no different than human antibiotics. Near the end he also points out that regulations may be coming soon to make it more difficult to purchase fish and bird antibiotics…