Do You Like Free Survival Kindle Books? Then I Have a Proposition for You…

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Yeah, I know it’s Halloween and this isn’t a trick, but it sure is a treat for a select few of you…

You see, I’ve decided to start writing Kindle books. In fact, I’ve got several of them nearly finished, but since I’ve never done this before I’m looking to get more “eyeballs” on my books before I put them out there for the world to read.

As such, I’m looking to create a book review team. That is, folks (like you) who would be willing to get a free advanced PDF copy of my books in exchange for some honest feedback.

Specifically, I’d appreciate you looking for:

  • anything that doesn’t make sense or isn’t explained properly,
  • maybe something that I failed to include which I should have,
  • links that don’t work.

…that sort of stuff.

If that’s agreeable to you then fill out the signup form below and, as I have new books ready to review, you’ll get an advanced review copy.

With that in mind, I have a few stipulations:

  1. If you’re merely looking for free books and have no interest in giving me feedback then please don’t bother to sign up. That’s just rude. Ultimately, if I notice I never hear from you then I’ll just remove you anyway.
  2. You must have an actual interest in Kindle books. Though you’d be receiving PDF copies, I’d prefer to hear from folks who actually use Kindle to read books.
  3. Feedback should be timely so that I can incorporate your suggestions. Fortunately, my books aren’t Stephen King novels and should be read in an hour or so which means your feedback shouldn’t take weeks… by then it will probably be too late because I’ve moved on.

Besides the above, it would be nice if you’re also willing to leave a review of the book on Amazon once it’s finally published or, alternatively, provide me with a testimonial about the book from time to time. And, yes, you can actually leave a review without having purchased the book via Kindle.

Since I have so many books to publish I expect to release a new book roughly every month or two, but who knows how it will work out, lol.

To give you an idea of what’s to come, here’s what I’m working on:

bug out bag book pet safety action plan book home security solutions book
survival foods to stockpile book identity theft game plan book smartphone apps for survival book
diy survival projects book secret hiding places book safe driving book

[Edit: most of these books have been written already. You  may find out more about them here.]

If you’d like to get on the list to help review new books, fill out this form here.

Regarding My Lack of Writing…

I can see now that I should have wrote this post at least a month ago so I apologize for that. Long story short, I got sick in early February and have been dealing with some health issues since then.

Regrettably, I just didn’t have the motivation to write much of anything!

I seem to be on the mend (hopefully) and have been feeling better of late. As such, I do hope to start blogging relatively regularly and sharing content/videos in the next few weeks; let’s say sometime in April for sure.

Again, I do apologize for the lack of content and I hope you fine folks are well.

Thank you, Damian

Notice Anything Different Lately?

new-rts-homeIf you haven’t noticed by now, got a huge “face lift” of sorts over the weekend, in particular, the home page. Reason being is that many of (actually about a third) visit using a smartphone. The problem was that it’s darn hard to read on one of those!

Long story short, the theme I had been using for years now just wasn’t mobile friendly and so I switched to something that I hope provides a better reader experience overall.

There are a few things I wanted to point out:

  • All of the important links can still be found in the navigation bar at the top. Just browse around and see. Note that you’ll also find links for the “Daily Videos” and “Daily Links” as well as what I write under “Articles”.
  • You can find the most recent articles I write as well as the most recent Daily Links and Daily Videos at the bottom of the any page. Whereas I kept around a dozen of the most recent posts on the homepage you’ll now see about a handful.
  • I also choose to remove many hundreds–if not thousands–of old Daily Links and Daily Video posts and intend to keep only about the most current five or six months of each going forward.
  • I actually broke yesterday trying to make it faster as per some of Google’s suggestions. I actually had to restore it from the day before and so posts from Monday were lost to oblivious. Sorry about that. It’s all Google’s fault anyway. 😉

Overall the intent was to make things less cluttered and easier to read for you however you choose to do so. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Thank you.

Major Changes to Email Feed Starting Today

After some significant debate with myself over the past few days I’ve decided to make a BIG change to the email feed. From this point forward I’m ONLY going to include posts that I’ve written in the email feed and will NO LONGER be showing “daily links” or “daily videos” in the feed as well.

I know some of you may have grown fond of these daily links and videos; rest assured, I’m not going to stop posting about the best links and videos found each day. They simply won’t show in your inbox any longer.

As a results, this means that on days when I don’t publish anything unique to you won’t get an email from me. 🙁 On the other hand, I’m trying to set things up so that you get the entire post included in the email rather than a summary. I’d imagine I’ll have to tweak things over the next few days to get it right but that’s the ultimately plan.

Why am I doing this?

Mostly because I want this blog to begin to stand on it’s own again for the content I write and I want that content to stand out to you as well. As such, emails will only include content that I write henceforth (or guest posts).

Note that the email subject heading will also change. That is, instead of just saying “ Updates” it will be the post title with following or something similar. You’ll get the idea when you see it.

Wait… I still want the Daily Links and Videos!

The easiest thing to do is to simply visit the homepage each day. Even if you don’t do so daily you can probably catch up twice a week before the latest links and videos “drop off” the homepage. Granted, they’re always accessible using the dropdown search on the right-hand sidebar.

If you’d still prefer to be notified as soon as the daily links and videos are published follow on Facebook or Twitter. Just be FULLY aware that Facebook likes to play games and won’t necessarily show you everything I share, Twitter will. Moreover, I do regularly share funny or interesting information from other blogs that I follow solely on Facebook.

You’re also welcome to follow on Pinterest or Google+ if you’d prefer but I don’t update those immediately, sometimes for days.

Concluding Thoughts

Ultimately, I want this blog to be truly unique and useful to you again… and by my own content, not others.

This Blog is Taking a New “Old” Direction, Hopefully You’ll Appreciate the Changes

Long story short, I’m going to attempt to blog more often again. It seems that over the past year or so I’ve gotten away from blogging (I used to write something everyday) and, instead, spent my time linking to other content more and more. And while I still feel some of that is useful, I intend on culling my overzealous linking to something more respectable. Let’s say a handful of total links–including videos–each day.

Sadly, I’ve seen the results of my changes over the past year and it’s not entirely pretty. Whereas people used to interact with me and comment regularly, now it’s few and far between. For some reason I was recently reading through some of my old blog posts and realized people actually had stuff to say on a regular basis and I miss that. Moreover, this blog started out as a way for me to learn more and “practice” prepping skills and I’ve really stopped doing that for a long time now.

Anyway, the point that I’ll be writing more. Not everyday but 4-5 times a week which I feel I can do. Specifically, I intend on sticking to the following schedule starting this Friday:

  • Make it Mondays – How to make anything I can think of or try, from DIY projects to cleaners, fire starting, basic recipes, entire meals, and so on. If it’s not store-bought and I can make it then it goes here. Moreover, I think this is a good place for long term food storage meals.
  • Whatever Wednesdays (still haven’t decided on a name) – Anything that doesn’t fit in the other categories, including reviews, my thoughts on preparedness, maybe guest posts, and so on.
  • Fired and Frugal Fridays – Things have taken a bad financial turn around my household of late and now we need to be super-tight on how we spend money and, so, this day is dedicated to anything related to living more inexpensively, even frugally. I’m not saying I’m going to live like an Extreme Cheapskate but I’m sure I can do better than I am now.
  • Super Saver Saturdays – Though not necessarily something I intend to blog about, I figured I would do my best to find good deals on products from around the web (e.g., Amazon, The Ready Store, etc) so you can save money on your preps.
  • Over the Stove Sundays (again, haven’t fully decided on a name) – I used to do a “Sun Oven Sunday” weekly series where I showed what I cooked in my Global Sun Oven. I figured I would expand on this idea and post about whatever I cook in a sun oven, wonderbox cooker, dutch oven, thermos cooking, and so on. Basically, anything related to cooking meals in unconventional ways is what this is about.

Hopefully you’ll find this new “old” direction fun and inspiring. Again, I’m starting this Friday and expect to continue into the foreseeable future. If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate hearing them.

Discovering The PREPARED Path – Most Comprehensive 12-Week Course Guaranteed!

I wasn’t quite sure how to end this “discovering” series when I started, but then it hit me: talk about The PREPARED Path course… duh! And so I will…

For starters, members can access the Introduction Page by clicking on the appropriate link in the top page menu, like so:


You’ll also notice a similar link that says The PREPARED Path – 12 Week Course which is actually my pathetic attempt at a sales page. 😉 [Note that clicking on any PREPARED Path page when not logged in will take you directly to the aforementioned sales page.] If you’ve already signed up then simply navigate to the home page and login on the right-hand sidebar. Otherwise, sign up!

About the Course…

The PREPARED Path course was my attempt to create the be-all and end-all survival course that compiled everything a typical surburban family needs to know and do to get themselves ready for an emergency situation. Really. In fact, I’d be scared to count all the links and videos included.

Ok, it’s not that bad but there really is a lot to go over. And, as you might expect from me, The PREPARED Path course is mostly a compilation of the BEST links and videos out there that discuss, well… whatever needs discussed. Topics include (as taken directly from the introduction page):


Like I said, the course is meant for suburban families and is broken down into categories as shown above but ALSO levels of preparedness that I’ve coined with the A.P.T. concept. Here’s a bit about it from the introduction page:

“What I propose is to use the A.P.T. concept, which stands for Austere, Preferred, and Temporary (I’ll explain in a moment) and is modeled after the P.A.C.E. concept that I happened across some time ago. When I originally began writing this course I did so with the intention of using the P.A.C.E. concept; however, I found that as I wrote, things didn’t line up properly with my line of thinking and so was born a simpler (I hope) method.

The A.P.T. concept is meant to be simple and remembered too, hence, the A.P.T. mnemonic. But there’s a bit more to it than just that. Consider the definition of the word ”apt” which is simply “appropriate or suitable in the circumstances.” And that’s what this is all about: appropriate to the circumstances. Now, let’s quickly consider the definitions of each A.P.T. acronym, but do so in reverse order (according to Google):

  • Temporary – Lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.
  • Preferred – Like (one thing or person) better than another or others; tend to choose: “I prefer Venice to Rome”.
  • Austere – (of living conditions or a way of life) Having no comforts or luxuries; harsh or ascetic.

When I think about disasters and more importantly, preparing for them, I think in the above terms. To be clear, Temporary measures are meant to get you through a short term emergency of maybe a few days to weeks at most. Preferred measures are for weeks to months and even longer in some cases. Austere measures are for much longer scenarios or for when there’s little to no expectation of returning to normal anytime soon.”

Honestly, the easiest way for you to understand how the course works is to just show you. I’ve made the Week 1: Water Module freely available so you fully understand what you can expect. Just click here to view part 1 of the water module (opens in a new browser window). Also, please understand there are two additional parts to this module so be sure to view them using the provided navigational links or click here for part 2 and click here for part 3 (these links also open in a new browser window). Realize that even though there are links to the other eleven modules they will NOT work until you’ve paid and are logged in.

Navigation is Easy…

Each page within The PREPARED Path course will have an readily accessible link bar at the top-right of each page where you can quickly jump to wherever you want, like so:


Or you can use the navigation links at the bottom of each page to move one page to the next, forwards or backwards, as shown in the Week 1: Water Module (Part 2) page:


It’s all rather easy to navigate and you won’t get lost. I promise!

The PDF Files Round Out the Course…

There’s actually more to this course that a ton of great links and videos. While the course could have stood just fine on it’s own like this I went ahead and created quite a few dynamic PDF files that accompany these 12 modules. Rather than explaining them or showing a few screenshots it’s easiest to just show you, so you can access the first week’s PDF file here: Week 1: Water Module PDF checklist (please choose to right-click on the file and “save as” or “save file as” or similar; if you left-click instead you may have problems).

Amazon Listmania! Lists Make Your Life Easier…

In addition, each module has an associated Amazon Listmania! list too. You’ll notice that all the other eleven Listmania! lists are readily accessible too (upon viewing any Listmania! list)… feel free to peruse them if you like. Remember, however, that this course isn’t about a list of products. Not at all. It’s much more about the weeks of learning and eventual planning that will be done.

If That Weren’t Enough, There’s a Dozen Bonus Files too…

Again, I could explain them all to you but you’re better off just reading my totally awesome sales page instead. 😉 Ultimately, you’ll find the following bonuses (all but one as PDF files):

  1. Easily Design Your Own Bug Out Kit and Vehicle Kits
  2. Create a Comprehensive Bug Out Information Worksheet
  3. Develop Critical Evacuation Procedures
  4. Create Effective Priority Checklists
  5. Quickly Reference Disaster Action Plans
  6. Develop an Intuitive One-Pager Reference
  7. Prepare a Fire Escape Plan
  8. Manage Long Term Task Tracking
  9. Best Practices
  10. Spending Log and Food Journal
  11. Food Storage Calculator
  12. Food Storage Recipes Database (Windows Excel-Only File)

If you read this page you can actually see screenshots of the above bonus files so you have an idea of what to expect.

If You’re Truly Serious About Getting Prepared…

There’s really no better way that I’m aware of to get yourself and your family prepared and in only 12 weeks time! In fact, I guarantee that this is the BEST 12-week survival and emergency preparedness course on the Net… hands-down… or your money back. Spend some time and review the Week 1 Water Module information referenced above (including the PDF Files and Listmania! List).

I promise that once you’ve completed the entire course that you’ll be ready for nearly anything life can throw at you!

Click here to learn how to best prepare yourself and your family for any emergency

The only thing I’ll ever ask of you…

If you truly find this site useful then choose to share it with others! You’ll help them be better prepared and help me spread the word however you choose, including via email, FacebookTwitter, and certainly word-of-mouth. Thank you and God Bless.

Discovering The Guide to The Net – More Than 250 Unique Links

As proud of  The “How To” Knowledge Base and The Video Vault as I am, The Guide to The Net is my favorite collection of pages, hands-down. Although there are *only* 250 links (honestly, there are probably more if I counted all unique links) these links are super powerful. As always, you can find it anytime you like by clicking on the link in the page menu above as shown here:


And just as with The Video Vault you can hover over the link and easily select a sub-page instead:


And this is where things get fun. If you can’t tell from the image above there are several categories, including:

  • Food Storage, Bulk Foods, Cooking
  • Hazard Risk Assessment Tools
  • Home And Personal Safety
  • Medical and Health Guides
  • Best Posts!
  • TSP Favorites!
  • Water Procurement And Treatment
  • Way More Resources

If you clicked on the Food Storage, Bulk Foods, Cooking sub-page you would see the following to start with:


As you can see there are a bunch of links. In fact, this is just the start of the Food Storage sub-section; there’s also the Bulk Foods and Cooking sections as well in this page alone. And, to be honest, this is the way all of The Guide to The Net pages are… lots of the most useful links I’ve found on the Net. Just click around and see what I mean.

And, believe it or not, I have a secret… the 250 unique links don’t include two of the eight sub-pages: Best Posts! and TSP Favorites! I’d imagine you know who these sites refer to but just in case, the Best Posts! lists many hundreds of my favorite posts that I’ve read over the years–they’re also divided into categories–whereas TSP Favorites! lists probably hundreds of my most favorite podcasts that I’ve enjoyed listening to. These two pages alone are awesome references and you can literally spend thousands of hours straight reading/listening… I know I probably have.

Unlike The “How To” Knowledge Base and The Video Vault I do try to update the Best Posts! and TSP Favorites! pages every month or so but the other Guide to the Net pages are fairly static. Regardless, spend an afternoon and peruse The Guide to The Net, you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

The only thing I’ll ever ask of you…

If you truly find this site useful then choose to share it with others! You’ll help them be better prepared and help me spread the word however you choose, including via email, FacebookTwitter, and certainly word-of-mouth. Thank you and God Bless.

Discovering The Video Vault – More Than 750 Videos

If you were impressed with The “How To” Knowledge Base from the other day then you’re going to love The Video Vault, as it boasts more than 750 videos and, to be honest, I was a bit shocked when I counted as I didn’t expect I had compiled that many videos over the years. You can find it anytime you like by clicking on the link in the page menu above as shown here:


Or, if you’ll notice the two downward-pointing arrows to the right of the link, you can hover over the link and easily select a sub-page instead:


As you can see, there are several to choose from. And, as with The “How To” Knowledge Base I tried to group them as best as I could. So, let’s say we clicked on the Disaster Planning Videos sub-page, here’s what you would see:


As is obvious from the screenshot above, my disclaimer is the first thing you’ll see. I put this here as a CYA (cover your ass) statement because who knows what you’ll try and no doubt some of the things you’ll watch others do could be hazardous to your health. Remember, safety first! 😉

Moving on, I choose not to include any bookmarks at the top of each page since these sub-pages usually aren’t huge and so it’s easy enough to scroll down and read the headers. For example, this Disaster Planning sub-page includes the following groupings:

  • Disaster Planning – 72 Hour Kits
  • Emergency Preparedness 5 Day Experiment
  • Off-Grid 7 Day Experiment by LDS Prepper
  • Evacuation and Disaster Planning
  • Moving from Preparedness to Self Reliance
  • How to Prepare for Any Disaster
  • Argentina Hyperinflation Interview – Real World Experience
  • The Most Important Video You’ll Ever See
  • Chris Martenson Crash Course
  • Dirty Bomb Diaries (Fictional Account of Being Unprepared for an Attack)
  • Miscellaneous

Honestly, this page turned into a “catch all” of things I liked but didn’t really fit anywhere else. Regardless, each group of videos usually includes anywhere from a few videos to dozens. Sometimes they could be a series (e.g., part 1, part 2, part 3, etc) as with the 5 Day Experiment, for example, or just a collection of unique videos that explain, teach, or show you how to do something… anything really. Just look at a portion of the Miscellaneous section of the Disaster Planning sub-page to see what I mean:


And there’s more that didn’t fit in the screenshot. Anyway, all of the other sub-pages are exactly the same… hundreds upon hundreds of videos that are meant to help you get better prepared, teach you things, and so on.

As with The “How To” Knowledge Base I don’t update these pages much any longer but it’s still an awesome collection of videos for you to reference and come back to time and again. Take some time and peruse The Video Vault when you can. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The only thing I’ll ever ask of you…

If you truly find this site useful then choose to share it with others! You’ll help them be better prepared and help me spread the word however you choose, including via email, FacebookTwitter, and certainly word-of-mouth. Thank you and God Bless.

Discovering The “How To” Knowledge Base – More Than 600 Links

Today we’re going to focus on one of the more empowering single pages here at, The “How To” Knowledge Base. You can find it anytime you like by clicking on the link in the page menu above as shown here:


This is a truly awesome page–if I do say so myself–as you can find links to accomplish darn near anything related to preparedness that you can think of, including the following topics:


In fact, the above list is the first thing you’ll see when you visit this page. Just click on the topic you’re interested in and you’ll be transported there immediately. Now, let’s say we clicked on the POWER / ENERGY heading; we would then see this:


I choose this section purposely because it is one of the smaller ones but at least you can also see the sub-sections shown here as well, including Solar, Generators / Alternative Power, and Other Energy Considerations. This is exactly how all major categories are treated in order to make these “how to” links easier to find.

Then when you find something you like just click the link and… voila, you get what you want. I should quickly point out that I do try to distinguish the links if they’re either YouTube Videos or PDF Files in square brackets so that you know what you’re going to see. Otherwise, all links are assumed to be a web page.

To be honest, I don’t update this page much any longer but it’s still a wonderful resource for you to utilize and come back to time and again. I know I do. Take some time and peruse The “How To” Knowledge Base now to see what you can learn!

The only thing I’ll ever ask of you…

If you truly find this site useful then choose to share it with others! You’ll help them be better prepared and help me spread the word however you choose, including via email, FacebookTwitter, and certainly word-of-mouth. Thank you and God Bless.