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Updated EDC for 2019

This is a long video and he tends to take tangents, but I do enjoy seeing all the neat little tools and whatnot that he includes in his EDC carry. Granted, I think it’s a bit too much for my taste, but perhaps you’ll find a few new items you haven’t seen before. Skip to […]

DIY Projects Equipment / Supplies Skills / Knowledge Video

DIY Solar Tracking System Inspired by NASA

I just love DIY ideas like this, don’t you? After all, I wrote an entire book about DIY survival projects, so it only stands to reason that I would, lol. In any case, the neat thing about this solar tracker is that it doesn’t need any GPS signal or computers to work but, instead, simply […]

Disaster Planning Video

Are We Only Nine Meals Away From Anarchy?

Even though we’re so technologically advanced in our modern world are we still only nine meals away from anarchy? He ponders this and more…

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DIY Solar Powered 12-volt DC Box Fan for Under $50

Definitely worth the effort for SHTF if you can manage to get enough solar power to run it all day long. Stick around to the end (at about the 9:00 mark) to see how he adds a variable speed switch to reduce the fan speed and save precious battery power…

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Fatwood 101 for Beginners

Good and quick tutorial on finding fatwood for fire starting…

Bug Out / Wilderness Camping / Fire DIY Projects Equipment / Supplies Video

Self-Contained DIY Fire Starter Kit

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this fire starting kit is something you can purchase as a pre-made solution, but you can certainly copy the idea well enough if you’re interested in a wilderness or bug out bag fire starting kit to emulate…

Bug Out / Wilderness Camping / Fire Equipment / Supplies Video

Family-Sized Backpack Cookset: KingCamp Climber 3

Like he points out, you don’t tend to see too many larger cooksets available for purchase that would be able to accomodate more than a person or two. This KingCamp Climber 3 Cookset, unlike most options out there, is definitely big enough to cook for an entire family and is perhaps the most complete backpacking […]

DIY Projects Video

DIY Secret Compartment Bookshelf

I really do enjoy DIY projects and none more so than projects with hidden compartments, lol. This particular bookshelf has its compartment in the bottom, so you can watch him build the entire project or maybe skip to near the end to see the final assembly and compartment location…

DIY Projects Skills / Knowledge Video

$50 DIY Chainsaw Sawmill Build

I’m not sure that I am brave enough to ever try a DIY project like this–especially since it involves a chainsaw,–but I do like that this guy got the idea to work rather well after some adjustments…

DIY Projects Interesting Stuff Video

How to Make a Flip-Flop Winch

Never know when you might need to make one of these to move something heavy out of the way or to pull a vehicle out of the ditch. That said, I sure am glad they invented the come-a-long power puller because this would take forever, lol…