Food / Water Skills / Knowledge Video

How to Find and Dig a Shallow Well From Start to Finish

I’ve never tried to dig a well myself nor have I ever tried dowsing rods, but this guy apparently swears by them. The first several minutes of the video is him finding the best place to dig, while the rest is him digging the well and installing the piping and pump. It’s a pretty neat […]

Gardening Skills / Knowledge Video

Speed Composting With Chickens

If you have chickens (or want to raise them) consider using them to work through your compost pile for you. You can skip to about the 1:00 mark to get to the heart of the video if you like, with the bulk of the idea over by about the 7:30 mark…

Food / Water Video

7 Steps for Emergency Water Preparation

If you don’t yet have your emergency water preparations in order, STOP NOW and get it together! Because if you don’t have your water squared away, not much else is going to matter when disaster strikes. Here’s what you need to know…

Disaster Planning Video

5 Items You Might Not Have Thought Of For SHTF

Like he said from the start, you may well have some of the following items in some form or another, but maybe not precisely what he discusses in the video. In any case, I would suggest you ensure you have the following handful of items, including the cast iron cookware and quality blankets, for sure. […]

Defense / Security / Safety Video

The BIGGEST Mistake After A Self-Defense Shooting

If you’re unaware, the biggest mistake is always talking to the police. In the following video, a former prosecutor discusses why it’s so important to keep your mouth shut! And he points out what else you should do near the end of the video…

Camping / Fire Defense / Security / Safety Equipment / Supplies Video

25 Survival Gadgets You’re Going to Want!

I happened upon this first video and then the never-ending YouTube trail led me to find the rest. I’d say that I definitely haven’t seen at least half of the gadgets shown in the following videos–possibly more–many of which look really interesting! Hope you find them as enjoyable as I did…

Bug Out / Wilderness Disaster Planning Equipment / Supplies Video

Top 5 Items for Your Get Home Bag (GHB)

I happened upon the following video earlier today and I couldn’t resist checking out what the guy had to say as I’m always looking to see if I’m missing something in my bug out bag–I’m not–especially something I may not have included in my 53 essentials book. Unfortunately, the title is a bit misleading because […]

Bug Out / Wilderness Disaster Planning Video

Amazing Tire Sealant for Bug Out!

Although this Multi Seal Tire Sealant isn’t intended for legal street use (yet), it sure is something I would be interested in for a bug out vehicle because it never dries out, can re-inflate a tire after many punctures in the same tire, and a single bottle is super affordable! Plus the guy says you […]

Disaster Planning Skills / Knowledge Video

48 FREE Survival PDF Downloads

The Urban Prepper really went overboard on this one because he’s compiled all of the survival PDF files he’s created over the years and is giving them away for free! He’s included files covering a wide range of topics, including several versions of an Altoid’s tin survival kit, bug out bag kits, EDC, vehicle preparedness, […]

Bug Out / Wilderness Skills / Knowledge Video

Bug Out Survival “Cheat Sheet” PDF Download

Looking for an all-in-one “cheat sheet” that you could laminate and include in your bug out bag? Well, the Urban Prepper recently put together a handy guide that he’s giving away to anyone! Topics covered include food, water, shelter, first aid, fire, comms / navigation, and more. I would encourage you to go directly to […]