How to Remove Poison Ivy The Right Way (Video)

Found this useful video shared on Facebook today. Seems that it doesn’t much matter which poison ivy cleaner you use (or if you use any at all) but that friction is by far the MOST important element to removing the urushiol from your skin. This doctor explains and demonstrates the reasons why very well…

How to Get More Vitamin C Than From Oranges (Video)

Good to know for those who live among pine tree forests, like me. Here’s a bit from the video description for clarification…

“The fresh, light green tips of these evergreen trees can be eaten raw, right off the tree in spring. The lighter the color, the milder in flavor and softer to chew. As they age and get darker, the flavor gets a bit more bitter. But the needles of these trees remain edible all year long.

You can steep the needles in hot water and drink the tea to get the high vitamin C content and nutrients.

The needles of these trees are good for boosting the immune system and for fighting colds and flu.

The three evergreens, fir, spruce and hemlock are among many other evergreen trees that you can eat.

You can use the needles in place of rosemary when cooking. Eat them raw and plain or spice up a salad with them. You can eat them fresh or dried.

In order to get the most nutrients do not boil the needles, but rather steep them in hot water as you would tea…”

Reviews of Seychelle Water Filtration and Live Fire Fire Starter by DesertSurvivalist (videos)

Sadly, I didn’t have time to write my own review this week, so DesertSurvivalist is going to fill in without even knowing it. 😉 He recently reviewed the Seychelle Water Filtration water bottle as well as the Live Fire fire starter (can only seem to be purchased at, both critical areas of outdoors preps. The first video is of the water bottle and second is the fire starter…

[youtube -8APw18hXOo]
[youtube 2pEz521eTqY]