Clothing Secrets For A Russian Winter (video)

I’d say if anybody knows how to dress for cold winter weather it’s the Russians, lol. You can skip to about the 2:15 mark to get to the discussion on clothes…

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Author: Damian Brindle

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1 thought on “Clothing Secrets For A Russian Winter (video)”

  1. I completely agree with him about the Goretex…stuff is terrible in cold weather. It doesn’t really breath and it gets hard. I was stationed in Iceland for 2 years and near Fairbanks, Alaska for 4 years. We got tremendous winds in Iceland but not as cold as Alaska. In AK we got down past 60 below zero with NO wind! It was pretty normal to go many days at 40 below. I found wearing my Polypros as an under layer and my down vest in between that and my regular old Air Force military field jacket worked well. I wore Mukluks which I don’t think anything can beat for keeping your feet warm. Now hands and fingers…whole different story! It was hard to find anything other than big, bulky arctic mittens to keep those warm. I miss Alaska!

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