Knife / Axe Reviews

Following are YouTube knife, ax, hatchet, and machete reviews from many of my most favorite YouTube Channels (among others) and include reviews for many of the most popular survival knives. Simply click on the videos to watch. Enjoy…

DISCLAIMER: Reviews have not been vetted for content or accuracy. They are provided here simply for your ease of reference. Therefore, I accept NO liability whatsoever for your use or misuse of this information.

Knives (Sorted by Manufacturer/Model)

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Bear Grylls Ultimate|
Becker BK15|
Becker BK17|
Boker Plus Nopal|
Boker Plus S2|
Buck Hoodlum|
Buck Vantage Select|
Cold Steel Bushman Spear|
Cold Steel Finn Bear|
Cold Steel Mini Tuff Lite|
Cold Steel Pendleton Mini Hunter|
Cold Steel Recon Scout|
Cold Steel Spartan|
Cold Steel SRK|
Condor Bushlore|
Condor Garuda|
Condor Survival Craft|
CRKT Ashworth Turtle|
CRKT M-16|
CRKT Minimalist|
CRKT Nirk/Tighe|
CRKT Shenanigan|
CRKT Texas Toothpick|
Emerson A-100|
Emerson Mini Commander|
ESEE Junglas|
ESEE Laser Strike|
ESEE/Rat Cutlery RC3|
Gerber Folding Utility|
Gerber Gator Fixed Blade|
Gerber LMF II|
Gerber Mini Remix|
Gerber Profile|
Ka-Bar Becker BK2|
Ka-Bar Becker BKT7|
Ka-Bar Fighting|
Ka-Bar Potbelly|
Kershaw Blackout|
Kershaw Leek|
Kershaw Needs Work|
Kershaw Tanto|
Mora Woodsman 2000|
M-Tech Survival Fixed Blade|
Ontario TAK 1|
Paklite Skinner|
Schrade SCHF9|
SOG Aura Camping|
SOG Creed|
SOG Flash II|
SOG Pendulum|
SOG Seal Pup|
SOG Toothlock|
Spyderco Ambitious|
Spyderco Endura 4|
Spyderco Kiwi 3|
Spyderco Native 3|
Spyderco Paramilitary 2|
Tom Brown Tracker TBT010|
Tom Brown Tracker TBT040|
Tool Logic SL3|
TOPS Air Wolfe Knife|
Tops Firestrike FS45|
TOPS High Desert Survival|
Tops Moccasin Ranger|
Tops XcEst Alpha|
Victorinox Bantam|
Victorinox Camper|
Zero Tolerance G10/350|

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Bear Grylls Ultimate
Becker BK15
Becker BK17
Boker Plus Nopal
Boker Plus S2
Buck Hoodlum
Buck Vantage Select
Cold Steel Bushman Spear
Cold Steel Finn Bear
Cold Steel Mini Tuff Lite
Cold Steel Pendleton Mini Hunter
Cold Steel Recon Scout
Cold Steel Spartan
Cold Steel SRK
Condor Bushlore
Condor Garuda
Condor Survival Craft
CRKT Ashworth Turtle
CRKT Minimalist
CRKT Nirk/Tighe
CRKT Shenanigan
CRKT Texas Toothpick
Emerson A-100
Emerson Mini Commander
ESEE Junglas
ESEE Laser Strike
ESEE/Rat Cutlery RC3
Gerber Folding Utility
Gerber Gator Fixed Blade
Gerber LMF II
Gerber Mini Remix
Gerber Profile
Ka-Bar Becker BK2
Ka-Bar Becker BKT7
Ka-Bar Fighting
Ka-Bar Potbelly
Kershaw Blackout
Kershaw Leek
Kershaw Needs Work
Kershaw Tanto
Mora Woodsman 2000
M-Tech Survival Fixed Blade
Ontario TAK 1
Paklite Skinner
Schrade SCHF9
SOG Aura
SOG Creed
SOG Flash II
SOG Pendulum
SOG Seal Pup
SOG Toothlock
Spyderco Ambitious
Spyderco Endura 4
Spyderco Kiwi 3
Spyderco Native 3
Spyderco Paramilitary 2
Tom Brown Tracker TBT010
Tom Brown Tracker TBT040
Tool Logic SL3
TOPS Air Wolfe Knife
Tops Firestrike FS45
TOPS High Desert Survival
Tops Moccasin Ranger
Tops XcEst Alpha
Victorinox Bantam
Victorinox Camper
Zero Tolerance G10/350

Axes, Hatchets, Machetes, Saws (Sorted by Manufacturer/Model)

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Becker Machax|
Cold Steel All Terrain Chopper Machete|
Cold Steel Barong Machete|
Cold Steel Latin Machete|
Cold Steel Trench Hawk|
Corona Folding Saw|
CRKT Chanceinhell Survival Machete|
Gerber Gator “Exchange-a-Blade” Saw|
Gerber Gator Combo Axe|
Gerber Gator Machete Jr|
Ka-Bar Cutlass|
Kershaw Outcast|
Schrade SCAXE2L|
Schrade SCAXE4 Tomahawk Knife|
Supreme Pocket Chainsaw|
Sven Saw Backpacking Saw|
Trail Blazer Mini Hatchet|
Woodmans Pal|
Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman|

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Becker Machax
Cold Steel All Terrain Chopper Machete
Cold Steel Barong Machete
Cold Steel Latin Machete
Cold Steel Trench Hawk
Corona Folding Saw
CRKT Chanceinhell Survival Machete
Gerber Gator “Exchange-a-Blade” Saw
Gerber Gator Combo Axe
Gerber Gator Machete Jr
Kershaw Outcast
Schrade SCAXE2L
Schrade SCAXE4 Tomahawk Knife
Supreme Pocket Chainsaw
Sven Saw Backpacking Saw
Trail Blazer Mini Hatchet
Woodmans Pal
Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman

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