Radio / Comms Reviews

Following are YouTube radio (and other comms) reviews from many of my most favorite YouTube Channels (among others) and include reviews for many of the most popular radios. Simply click on the videos to watch. Enjoy…

DISCLAIMER: Reviews have not been vetted for content or accuracy. They are provided here simply for your ease of reference. Therefore, I accept NO liability whatsoever for your use or misuse of this information.

Radios / Communication

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Baofeng UV-5R HAM Radio|
Deloreme InReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator|
Eton FR250 Crank Radio|
Eton Microlink FR160 Radio|
Eton Scorpion Radio|
Jetscream Whistle|
Kaito KA200 Radio|
Kaito Voyager Pro|
Midland WR300|
Motorola MH230 FRS/GMRS Radios|
Nitecore NWS10 Titanium Whistle|
Sangean DT-400W Radio|
SOL Rescue Howler Whistle|
Sony ICF-S10MK2 Radio|

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Baofeng UV-5R HAM Radio
Deloreme InReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator
Eton FR250 Crank Radio
Eton Microlink FR160 Radio
Eton Scorpion Radio
Jetscream Whistle
Kaito KA200 Radio
Kaito Voyager Pro
Midland WR300
Motorola MH230 FRS/GMRS Radios
Nitecore NWS10 Titanium Whistle
Sangean DT-400W Radio
SOL Rescue Howler Whistle
Sony ICF-S10MK2 Radio