I Must Be Boring You to Tears Lately!… and a 1000 Post Milestone

I can see by a general lack of comments that I really must be boring you folks to tears lately, so I apologize for that. You know, the blogosphere continues to amaze me. Posts and concepts that I think would be quite interesting often aren’t while posts that are much more mundane can be winners. I simply don’t get it. So long as you’re learning something and choose to stick around then I guess it doesn’t matter.

On a happier note, I noticed that today we went over 1000 total blog posts since this blog was started a little less than a year ago, which I consider a healthy accomplishment. Hopefully the next 1000 will continue to be useful, interesting, and inspiring to you.

Last, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the Superbowl if you’re watching it (my $$ on San Francisco), and I look forward to a better next week.

Author: Damian Brindle

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23 thoughts on “I Must Be Boring You to Tears Lately!… and a 1000 Post Milestone”

  1. Just saw this ~ and wanted to add my 2 cents ~ 😉 Never boring! ~ I comment when somethings are asked what we think or if there are more info that I may be of knowledge of etc to add ~ you must be covering everything thoroughly if not much comments 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, AniOre. I do appreciate it, though, I wish you and many others would choose to comment regardless as I often feel like I’m talking to myself all the time!

  2. OTOH, maybe your covering the topic thoroughly, so nothing needs to be added. What does your hit count look like?

  3. Not even close to being bored. Thank you so much for all your excellent work in keeping me and others in the “survival” mode. I’m a Ham operator, active in ARES where I teach others on Go Kits, and have gotten many many tips from you and this site. Guess we should all take time to let you know how much we appreciate this information! KUDOS!!!

  4. M+ Bored? Not a bit! I often forward your emails to others so that they may benefit from all the valuable info. With many other, I add my “Thank you! and God bless!

  5. Thank you for all the hard work you do collecting this valuable info. I rely on your work and share it with my wife. Thank you thank you thank you.

  6. I of late with work and taking care of the family I really haven’t had much time for email or just about anything else and as for not posting or replying, guilty. I have fallen behind on making posts or attempting to and for that I apologies. I do enjoy reading the different postings on how to’s and do’s / don’t’s . It’s a plethora of info that’s hard to get to at times. Please continue doing what you and don’t be discouraged. Your good at what you do and you have so much knowledge to pass along. A GOOD TEACHER is hard to find.

  7. People like you collect all the info that the rest of us don’t have the time to look for. And sometimes we don’t take/have the time to comment or thank you. My bad. So, “Thank you!”.

  8. dont confuse the lack of posts/comments with the lack of interest… your site is refreshing and full of usefull information.. i follow you on pintrist as well and get great responce from your stuff with repins.. your sites information is great for people just starting out up to experienced preppers… I only frequent a few sites and yours is one of them.. thanks for all you do….

    1. Thanks, Roy. I do appreciate you and (I’m sure) many others that visit but don’t say anything. I know I’m guilty myself of visiting many blogs silently most of the time but it’s a bit different when it’s my own.

  9. With the RSS feeds front and centre, I simply pick the ones that are most relevant to my prepping currently. I love the posts about gardening (i’m currently investigating aquaponics), practical fire starting, and absolutely LOVE your egg experiment. If it is successful, I will do the same as you.

    Maybe incorporating an analytic system to see what is getting the most views. I use Google’s for my works site…mostly cause it’s free and simple. I look at what search words are finding what pages, and I really look at what device is being used. Currently we’re almost at 50% mobile devices.

  10. I agree with the above, I have never commented but yours is one website that I visit every day. Keep up the good work and don’t stop blogging.

  11. Read your blog all the time. We like minded folks practice OPSEC when online.

    Us “flies on the wall” be watching and learning from you. Keep up the good work !!!

    1. If your surfing these sites………..comment or not , you have lost your opsec . They are ALL monitored now . Just sayin

  12. I don’t usually comment, but I do gather a wealth of knowledge from the posts. Thank you and keep them coming for the “silent” viewers.

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