Is it Just Me, or is Ever Other Survival Website Doing the Same Thing?

When I finally decided to take this site seriously over a year ago, I didn’t recall seeing any other survival website that honestly attempted to link to the best content of other websites, including YouTube videos day in and day out. So, I decided to take on that role and share what I found interesting each and every day. And, in large part, I’m glad I did because people seemed to like it and I learn a lot myself regardless.

That said, these days it seems like there a so many survival websites doing the exact same thing as what I do here and I’m having a hard time telling them apart… more importantly, I’m having a hard time telling apart from others now too.

Of course, I’m not saying I started this trend whatsoever; I’m sure there were some survival sites out there doing precisely this long before I did. And, of course, there are sites that do it better, such as But, I did kind of feel like it was “my thing” and these days I’m no longer feeling that way.

So, I ask you: is everyone else doing the same thing or is it just me paying more attention? Perhaps it doesn’t matter so long as you, the readers, enjoy what we’re doing.

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Author: Damian Brindle

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15 thoughts on “Is it Just Me, or is Ever Other Survival Website Doing the Same Thing?”

  1. I have little time to do the searching myself, but I hate to wade through garbage to see if there is anything of value. I am here every day because I know that what I find here is useful and easy to get to the meat. Clearly, not everything here interests me or even applies to me (e.g., children in a crisis situation).

    I appreciate the videos, as much of the text is not written well.

  2. I check your site every day and even if some info is posted somewhere else, it keeps me from missing something important. I like your site and always learn something. Keep it up!

  3. Many of the sites do seem to share the same topic from one another. It is more than fine with me, helps me make sure to stay on top of the current information out here. You have a great site, keep doing what you are doing and thanks so much for sharing what you do.

  4. One annoying thing that is also a universal on site are the infomercials . You know , the misleading picture ads in the corners or sides picturing something that if they were honest , would take you directly to what is advertised . Instead you get taken to a sales pitch with some bulls*it salesman very dryly pitching their script , with the script flashing read along , teleprompter style . I dont know about you , but I find it unethical and insulting ………..I have watched one for about 30 secs before I clicked out of it …….and when you do , the dirtbags flash a box asking you if your sure you want to leave the page , very unethical . As consumers , we should boycott all advertisers that do this until they change their format and present their product in an ethical manor , simply list their product and its price , like ethical merchants do . Just saying .

  5. Its no accident , people use what is available in any set time , after awhile , this becomes expected by viewers and the basic standard for web sites . Its the flavor of the site that makes any difference , some are venting sites , some are information sites , both have their place . But your observation of most prepper sites looking alike are correct , this is because the same information and topics are constantly recirculated over and over again . Not that the information is bad , its just the same in a general sense . There are only so many products out there and a seemingly set pattern as to what to do and how to do it and how much , etc . This happens with any topic and industry you care to mention . In our case , the information and slant from actual long term SHTF survivors is the most useful , that does not cancel out information from the rest of us , its just that we have no actual real life experience with what we are advocation , so well meaning as it is , may be way off base to what actually happens , because we just dont know and can only speculate . This site is very useful for general information and exposing people to equipment or techniques that they may not have been aware of otherwise . For stark reality I also visit Selco’s site . They are all useful to people in the long run .

    1. Assuming Selco’s statements are true, he should definitely be our defacto leader as I can’t think of anyone who has had more real-world experience that he has.

  6. your site is great you change some things around and made it better i used to watch a couple of other sights all the time they changed the site around and made them worse like having a 14 part expose about some guy name harold and his life who cares i want info i can use and your great for that. thank you

  7. Don’t worry about what other sites are doing. Sure, there are other sites that have “referrals” and “links”, but you’re doing a great job. I always gleen information and am always eager to learn from people who write in and share information, or through watching a youtube video. I think too, it’s great to get reviews of different products. I faithfuly follow you every day and I have a “survival folder” with info you’ve provided. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re doing a great job!

  8. There are many sites that repost many of the same topical items as they appear. Yours and Prepper Website tend to post many more videos vs prose posts.

    I don’t mind the repetitiveness as long as I keep finding the pearls.

    Keep it coming.

  9. Your site is doing a good job. It is one of the two I follow every day. The other one has a different focus. I do use and share you information and links.

    1. Hopefully the other site is not one of the fear-mongering sites I suggest readers avoid… IMO, they do us no good. Anyway, I’m flattered I’m among such a select few. 🙂 Take care.

      1. No, the other one is a Christian-oriented site that complements reThink Survival. I sue the other one for spiritual comfort.

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