53 Essential Bug Out Bag Supplies, 2nd Edition

Is your bug out bag all wrong? It probably is, here’s why…

Bug Out Bag Book, 2nd Edition

If you were forced to evacuate during a disaster, you’d likely need dozens of tools and supplies to make it out safely. Problem is, too many people get it wrong–even the experts–because they focus on the WRONG gear and supplies for the situation.

You see, almost every bug out bag list has some unwritten expectation that you’ll be evacuating into a plentiful nearby wilderness with fish to catch, streams to rest alongside, mountains to navigate, and debris huts to build. This simply isn’t true for most of us.

In fact, it’s far more likely that you’ll be stuck slogging through an urban or suburban wasteland with nothing to catch for food, no clean source of water to drink, stumbling over unrecognizable debris, and no shelter to be found!

Join popular survivalist blogger, Damian Brindle, as he lays out dozens of essential items you simply MUST have in your bug out bag if you live anywhere near the suburbs or, worse, a major city.

Broken down into four fundamental tiers of gear and supplies, you’ll discover exactly how to assemble a survival pack to rely upon when you need it most with these 53 essential items guaranteed to help you survive whatever disaster comes your way. Plus, this second edition has been updated with new gear as well as chapters on evacuation planning to ensure you make it out safely.

Remember this: your bug out bag is a crucial piece of survival equipment, but if you have the wrong gear and supplies it’s almost as bad as having nothing at all.

Don’t leave your survival up to chance! Fast to read and easy to implement, buy now to revolutionize your bug out bag and be prepared for whatever disaster comes your way.

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