Your Identity Theft Protection Game Plan

Identity Theft is One of The Fastest-Growing Forms of Crime. Nearly 17 Million Americans Were Victims in 2017 Alone. Here’s How to Protect Yourself…

Identity Theft Book

Studies suggest that nearly 100 million Americans have their identities placed at risk EVERY year for two main reasons: corporate and government database breaches (which are becoming more common every year), and the surprising ways we expose our personal data to the world.

Now, expert prepper Damian Brindle reveals the most powerful ways for you to take charge and protect your personal data from the world, ensuring that you don’t become the next identity theft target. This powerful guide is packed with vital info on how to keep yourself protected, both online and off. Inside you’ll discover:

  • Why Your Mailbox is The Riskiest Non-Tech Gateway For Identity Theft (Plus How to Fix it)
  • Why Identity Thieves Call Trash Day, “Cash Day”
  • How to Quickly Minimize Junk Mail and Credit Card Offers to Limit Your Mail Theft Exposure
  • Why Antivirus Software isn’t Enough to Combat Online Identity Theft (And How Smart Devices are Becoming the New Battleground for Your Data)
  • How Using Public Wi-Fi May be The Most Dangerous Thing You Do All Day (And How to Fix it)
  • Why Using Variations of The Same Password is a Horrible Mistake
  • Plus How RFID “No Swipe” Technology Allows Thieves to Steal Information Without Your Card Ever Even Leaving Your Pocket
  • And More!

Containing all the critical actions you must take to protect yourself against identity theft, plus a bonus 7 additional actions to minimize your overall exposure to the world (and what to do if your identity IS compromised), now you can ensure your identity is never placed at risk again with this easy to follow guide.

Buy now to protect yourself, your privacy, and your personal data from one of the most devastating crimes in America.

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