The Complete Pet Safety Action Plan

[Please Note: This book is no longer available for sale. Thank you for your understanding.]

How Bad Would You Feel if Your Dog or Cat Suffered – Even Died – Simply Because You Didn’t Have a Plan to Keep Them Safe During a Disaster? Pretty Horrible – Most Good Pet Owners Would.


Perhaps you think your pet would fend for themselves? Think again. For example, with more than 600,000 pet deaths as a result of Hurricane Katrina, a lack of preparation is largely to blame. Sadly, many pets needlessly suffered merely because their owners failed to prepare beforehand.

Join popular survivalist blogger, Damian Brindle, as he unveils his pet safety action plan and shows how to protect your beloved dog or cat when disaster strikes. Inside this crucial guide you’ll discover:

  • The Two MOST IMPORTANT Actions You Must Take Before Disaster Strikes
  • How to Ensure You Get a “Pet-Friendly” Welcome on the Road
  • How to Keep Your Pet Safe When You’re Away From Home (And What to Do if You Can’t Take Your Pet With You)
  • Getting Your Pet Ready to Evacuate (Hint: It’s More Than Just Owning a Dog or Cat Carrier)
  • How to Keep Your Pet From Getting Sick During Disaster
  • Knowing Your Rights With the “PETS Act”
  • Must-Have Pet Supplies (And Where to Get Them Cheap or Even Free)
  • And So Much More!

Packed with vital advice from cover to cover, now you too can ensure your pets are ready for anything and stay safe. Don’t wait – disasters strike without warning, and a lack of preparation can be a death sentence for your pet as Hurricane Katrina clearly demonstrated.

Fast to read and easy to implement, buy now and discover what you need to know to ensure your dog or cat stays safe starting today.