The Complete Pet Safety Action Plan (Kindle Book)

Did You Know There Were More Than 600,000 Pet Casualties During Hurricane Katrina?

Or that our pets continue to needlessly suffer disaster after disaster, often because owner’s failed to prepare for their pets properly beforehand?

You Can Choose A Different Future For Your Beloved Pet…

Pet Safety Plan Book
By simply following the advice detailed within The Complete Pet Safety Action Plan book you’ll be helping your dog or cat be ready for the next BIG disaster quickly and easily, here’s what you’ll discover inside…

  1. The Two Most Important Actions You Must Take Now Before Disaster Strikes
  2. How To Ensure You Get A “Pet-Friendly” Welcome On The Road
  3. How To Keep Your Pet Safe When You’re Away From Home
  4. What If You Can’t Take Your Pet With You?
  5. Getting Your Pet Ready At Home
  6. Getting Your Pet Ready To Evacuate
  7. What If You Must Evacuate On Foot?
  8. Keeping Yourself And Your Pet From Getting Sick During Disaster
  9. Know Your Rights: The PETS Act
  10. Advanced Disaster Considerations
  11. How To Get Supplies For Free (Or Really Cheap)
  12. General Safety Considerations

Treat your pet like anyone who is truly dependent on you for their survival and choose to prepare for them now, while you still have the opportunity to do so.

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