How to Drive Safely

Did You Know That Texting While Driving Increases Your Risk of a Car Accident by 23 Times?

Safe Driving Book

Or that the average duration of distraction was a staggering 135 seconds?

Sadly, new, teenage drivers are most at risk for fatal car accidents for two main reasons:

  1. Their inexperience driving (which leads to hasty, poor decisions), and
  2. Peer pressure from friends (which causes them to make dumb, reckless decisions)

They need to understand how to drive safely right from the start, and this book will help you do just that.

In fact, we’ll detail 49 expert tips, tricks, and advice that any driver–new or old–should be aware of before hitting the road.

Who I Am, Why Listen To Me

My name is Damian Brindle.

I’m a longtime survival blogger with many thousands of readers.

I’ve spent the past decade studying and discovering nearly everything I can about survival, especially at home preparedness, to ensure my own family’s survival.

Over the last several years I’ve dedicated my life and my time to helping others just like you better survive disasters of all kinds.

Like I said, it’s my life.

I’m also husband to a wonderful wife and father to two growing boys (one of whom is a new driver).

I’ve spent years ensuring my family will be 100% safe, secure, and ready for disasters of all kinds and now I’m offering you the chance to take an important–even crucial–action for yourself by ensuring your new, teenage driver is ready for the road as well.

Here’s What’s Covered Inside

  • The Most Dangerous Driving Times, Days, and Situations (some of these might surprise you)
  • 5 Actions You Should Always Do Before Driving Off (how spending 15 seconds now can save your life)
  • Why Not Speeding is Much More Than Avoiding Speeding Tickets (and why it doesn’t actually save time)
  • What NOT to Do While Driving (you’d be surprised at how much safer you’ll be)
  • 11 More Common-Sense Safety Tips to Know (these could keep you the safest of all)
  • Why Semi-Trucks and Other Large Vehicles Deserve Special Attention (hint: they always win car accidents)
  • How to Really Get Your Car Ready for the Road (most people ignore these to their detriment)

Why You Must Start Educating Them Now

Young adults think they know everything, they think they’re invincible, and they think that nothing bad will ever happen to them. You and I both know that’s not true.

You simply MUST prepare your new, teen driver to be as safe as possible while you still have the opportunity to do so. Here’s how to educate your teen to drive safely on the road right from the start.

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Here’s how to educate your teen and to keep them safe on the road starting right now.

Don’t wait! Discover how to give your teen the best chance of surviving the perils of the road before it’s too late, all by following an expert in the field.

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