4 Low Cost Water Treatment Options (video)

In this video MDprepper offers four ideas for treating water in an apartment setting, though, they’ll work just fine no matter where you live. The first few minutes on bleach discuss the more concentrated solution (here’s my article on usage guidelines) as well as why it’s useful to have two smaller bottles rather than one larger one.

He also discusses the Sawyer Mini water filter which I agree is a great water filter to have for the price, space, and amount of water it can filter… I’ve owned a few over the years and wouldn’t be without one in my survival supplies. You can even get a four-pack of these wonderful filters for an awesome price on Amazon and keep one in your vehicles and bug out bags too!

Finally, he talks about SODIS (a viable choice when all other choices have been exhausted) as well as boiling water which is just a waste of fuel when there are so many other options out there. So, really, he offers three viable choices here.

I should mention that storing water in an apartment (or any smaller space) is likely the bigger concern and one I hope he tackles soon!

Here’s the video…

Author: Damian Brindle

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