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One Item NOT to Stockpile for SHTF (video)

I mostly agree with this video in that candles should not be the main item to stockpile for your lighting needs. My biggest reason being something he glossed over about halfway through: fire safety. House fires are one of the biggest problems folks unexpectedly run into after a disaster and candles are a big reason for that.

Why? Because there’s a big difference between lighting a few candles for a romantic dinner and literally having them scattered around the house, perhaps unattended, with dogs, cats, and children running around and potentially knocking them over left and right… ok, I’m being a little over-dramatic here but you get my point.

When we start doing things we’re not accustomed to (lighting entire rooms with candles, in this case), bad things tend to happen. No doubt, candles can be useful and I certainly have some stockpiled but they are my last-ditch lighting option since there are many far better ideas as he suggests…

By Damian Brindle

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