Prepping Is Different When You’re On Your Own (link)

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Prepping as if I’m living alone has never entered my mind. After all, I have a family to prepare for and so everything I do, everything I think about, ultimately is to keep them safe and fed.

But, if you’re on your own there are some things you’ll need to do differently and, sadly, it’s ALL up to you! Literally. There is nobody else to help if you’re tired or injured, nobody to bounce ideas off of, nobody to keep you sane when you’re losing your mind.

It’s a tough situation but one that can be prepped for, here’s some thoughts…

“So much information on prepping is geared toward prepping for a group of people, whether that is a family unit, a group of families, or a mutual assistance group (MAG) that goes beyond your family and neighborhood boundaries. But not everyone is prepping for a group.

There are people out there who are prepping for themselves and only themselves. They are on their own for whatever reason, be it that they choose to be or have found themselves in that situation. Regardless, prepping for a single person living alone is a bit different than prepping for a group. Let’s start with the advantages and disadvantages to prepping alone.

Advantages and Disadvantages
An individual enjoys some advantages, but also faces some disadvantages to prepping and surviving on their own. It is important to understand these, because if you do, you will be able to play to those advantages and make plans to minimize the disadvantages as much as possible…”

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