Split Kindling Easily, And Safer Too? (video)

You only need to watch the first minute or two of this video to get the idea; Personally, I’ve never had trouble splitting kindling with a small ax and, honestly, I see myself more likely to smash my finger with the mallet when I’m cold and not paying attention!  Regardless, this idea may prove useful for some folks out there. Here’s the video…

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Author: Damian Brindle

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3 thoughts on “Split Kindling Easily, And Safer Too? (video)”

  1. The old dude is trying to “knock-off” an invention by a 13 year-old girl from New Zealand that invented “The Kindling Cracker” when she noticed her mom was having trouble making kindling one day. Apparently he is too cheap to give her credit and just buy one of her devices.


    Available on Amazon as well.

  2. Unbelievably stupid. Obviously a city dweller.This is not safe.
    No one would split wood in that manner.
    Splitting malls weigh 8-12 pounds and you don’t want your fingers anywhere near the hammer. The slide hammer malls weigh less and would work a whole lot better on the sized wood this guy uses and would be safe to use.
    And for the sized wood he is splitting just a plain axe would work just fine and only need one whack.

    1. I would have called this “unbelievably stupid.” The guy obviously reacted to hurting his fingers splitting kindling the way most do and found a solution that works for him. Personally, I wouldn’t do it this way but, again, it seems to work for him. So long as he keeps his fingers out of the way and doesn’t smash them, like I probably would have, then I say let him do his thing… and maybe it will work for somebody else too.

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