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Can You Spot What’s Wrong Here?

This is a photo of my front door, maybe you can spot what’s wrong quickly: If not, maybe this photo helps: You see the door security latch there? It’s missing an important part: I’d say it’s kind of useless without that piece, wouldn’t you? The sad thing is that nothing major happened to make it […]

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28 Powerful Home Security Solutions Book Now FREE on Amazon

Did you know that roughly 10,000 home burglaries are committed each day here in America? That’s well over 3,000,000 per year! Fortunately, I can help you to avoid becoming a victim with my sixth book, 28 Powerful Home Security Solutions, which is now available into Thursday for FREE on Amazon in Kindle format. In return […]

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Bulletproof Drywall Panels

Sure wish I could afford something like this, lol…