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Easy DIY Water Filter

With a little ingenuity and a few parts (of about $30 or less) you can build your own SHTF DIY water filter which can be reused over and over again. You only need an inexpensive hand pump, activated carbon, window screen material (or something similar), a small piece of PVC pipe, as well as some […]

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15 Things You Don’t Actually Need To Survive Disasters

Last week I’d heard about a story of three family members who died during Hurricane Irma because they ran a generator inside their home. Although I couldn’t find more details, I did find this article about the incident. Sadly, such a tragedy was entirely preventable by understanding what carbon monoxide (CO) is, how it can […]

Disaster Planning

3 SHTF Problems You May Not Have Thought Of

Recently, while I was sitting at the orthodontist waiting for my kid’s braces to finally get removed, I began to think about “what if SHTF” and I we didn’t have an orthodontist (or dentist) readily available who know what to do with such things? After all, I don’t have a clue how all that orthodontics […]

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2017 Prepper Bundle + Giveaway + Special Offer: 90% Off 30 Resources, 6 Days Only!

A while back I was asked if I would be willing to contribute to the 2017 Prepper Bundle and I said “sure, sounds like fun.” But it wasn’t until recently that I realized just how massive this prepper bundle truly is… You see, I recently had a chance to find out just what’s included in this […]

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6 Ways Famine Grips The U.S.

It always amazes me how complacent the vast majority of Americans are. Most people seem to think that disaster will never strike them. That the lights will always stay on. That grocery stores will always have food. On the one hand I can understand this sentiment because–while times are good–society runs very smoothly and we’re […]

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One Year In Hell: Wartime In Bosnia

Could you imagine living through something like this? Amazingly, it was ONLY one year “in hell” during wartime in Bosnia in the early 90’s but the experience must have felt like an eternity. If this real life account is even remotely accurate (I’ve heard similar stories, though) it must have been a horrible experience to […]