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How to Turn Your Spouse Into a Prepper (video)

Funny, he says it’s all about education and avoiding scare tactics… I’d always figured it was about decades of wearing your spouse down until they succumb to your wishes. Maybe not. 😉 In my opinion, prepping is something that a person either “gets” or they don’t and, unfortunately, a spouse is often the first and most important person that can be difficult to convince.

In the following video, he talks about preparing for disasters and more using real life scenarios (such as folks who died in a snowstorm) and those simple items they could have had to stay alive. He suggests starting small and, honestly, you may have to do it for them. I know that’s how I started with my wife.

One important point: whatever your preps are, SHOW THEM! Be sure your spouse is at least aware of what you’re doing and, if possible, show them how things work. They may not be that interested right now but hopefully the knowledge you share is stashed away in their head somewhere.

While using logic is a good tool with a spouse (such as preparing for weather disasters as he discusses) it seems to me that one of the best ways to convince your spouse to prep is to offer them other, perhaps more practical, reasons for prepping.

For instance, maybe money is a big concern. In this case, suggest that you can save money on groceries by buying bulk foods, not eating out as much, shopping at wholesale foods stores such as Costco, and so on. Over time, and as they see that you are saving money, suggest additional money savers such as making homemade cleaners, cooking from scratch, gardening, and more.

It’s a LONG road, don’t get discouraged! Skip to about the 0:50 mark to get to the heart of the video…

By Damian Brindle

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With our family, my wife harped on the potential for disaster years before I came on board. She was more intrigued by the prophetic perspective, as stated in Revelations. I am not sure that she bought into the Mayan Calendar Scare, but she certainly was aware of it. I jumped into Crisis/Disaster preparation in March 2011, after listening to an internet advertisement by the financial adviser, Porter Stansberry. IT IS GREAT TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE WITH YOUR SPOUSE! We still differ on multiple points: I bought a bunch of dehydrated food with 35 year shelf life. She opposed spending that money and began pressure cooking (jarring) food. I believe in having multiple storage areas (caches). She fights that concept. I think she is reluctant to put effort into retrieving the items in event something happens to me. Of course, she wants to manage the expenditures, even though I pay all the bills and do the household budget. She has also stated multiple times that we have “enough” guns. However, she is very quick to point out ammunition sales! Regardless of our separate priorities, I am grateful that we both believe that “prepping” is the prudent thing to do.

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