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Viking Folding Saw for Camping and Hiking (video)

Folding saws for your camping and hiking adventures are just awesome additions if you don’t have one. This EKA Viking Folding Saw appears to be a good one according to the video but I find it hard to beat a trusty Sven Folding Saw for such purposes because it’s reliable and relatively cheap. That said, this EKA saw may be an even better option (for reasons stated in the video) if you choose to afford it…

By Damian Brindle

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COOL! Personally, I prefer the machetes with a saw back. They don’t offer the variety of hacksaw or bone saw, but they are one solid piece of steel and only cost around 20 bucks. Those small, folding saws are great for Bug Out or Get Home Bags as well. We just used one the other day to modify the Christmas tree.

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