The Goodwill Store, Great for Preps

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I was recently in a Goodwill store and, would you believe it, I’ve never set foot in one until about a month ago? What a mistake! I have, however, dropped off plenty of stuff I didn’t want over the years… seems now I get to be on the receiving end, lol.

I won’t assume that you’ve been inside one and so the short description of a Goodwill store is that it’s simply a place where you can find a wide variety of mostly used household goods, though, I did find a few things that seemed to be brand new, such as socks.

There are definitely some items that may not be of much uses for survival, such as furniture, electronics, and jewelry but there was more useful gear than I would have guessed.

For instance, there are a wide variety of clothes and footwear for all ages. I know my niece is fond of bringing home new articles of clothing for my children and at very reasonable prices too. As I browsed around I found plenty of clothing for the entire family, including

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How To Build An Off Grid Gravity Fed Water System (link)

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This is an easy way to get water flowing for small uses, such as washing hands or doing the dishes, and if you include an in-line water filter such as the then you’ll be well on your way to ditching your indoor plumbing, lol…

“An off grid Gravity Fed Water System is a great  option for  running water. Since many of us off grid dwellers and tiny house owners do not have running water.  Yes, you can live without running water. Indoor plumbing has been around a long time but mostly for the wealthy. Your average 16th century English Farmer would have to carry in water. The same still holds true for many parts of the world today.

The system I’m going to show you how to build is not a whole house solution. The principles will scale up, though. This is a cheap and easy solution to get a gravity fed water system for a sink. So this is perfect for doing a few loads of dishes, brushing teeth or hand washing.

Best of all this build is both easy and cheap. I built the

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Is Firewood Cover or Concealment? (video)

I’m really liking this guy’s videos but I’d prefer to stack that firewood two deep just in case, lol…

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Boat Bug Out: 3 Days Was Plenty!

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I found this an interesting read. After all, where I live I’m virtually surrounded by water so it has certainly crossed my mind more than once about bugging out by boat. Perhaps someday I’ll have the means to do so… until then my bug outs are landlocked.

Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to take nearly enough supplies with him or prepare for such a scenario. It seems that was part of the challenge he was looking for. I’d imagine that if he’d opted to take more supplies he would have fared better, not to mention choosing a better boat besides a leaky one without a motor, lol…

“When you have to bug out on a boat, it puts a whole new twist on survival.  It is estimated that 80-90% of the earth’s population lives near a major body of water.  When highways and city streets get jammed up, a boat may be your best way out.  Also, there are plenty of survival scenarios where a ship is sinking or a plane goes down and survivors are left on a life

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Unlimited HOT Water Camp Shower (video)

I like the idea a lot so long as you’re willing to utilize propane to heat the water. This and for less than $100, though, he’s added a 12-volt pump to the system…

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Cases of Water Bottles as Cover? (video)

I know water is dense but I wouldn’t have guessed this…

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13 Flood Safety Tips (link)


Floods may not seem like a “real” worrisome disaster to some people but I do believe that flooding almost always nears the top of the list of disasters which cause the most damage (in dollars) and even lives lost even here in America. They’re no joke and nothing to be taken lightly.

The following article first discusses the types of flooding–a few of which I’d never heard of–and then offers 13 tips you can and should use to better safeguard your family and possessions…

“The recent Louisiana floods which claimed 11 lives and damaged 40,000 homes show how easily low-lying areas can be devastated by bad weather. Floods can occur even in normally dry areas and are so common that they represent 75% of presidential disaster proclamations. They are often seen in conjunction with other disasters like hurricanes and other storms.

You’d have to live on a mountaintop to avoid a flood but, even then, you’re still at risk for mudslides as a result

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Oven Canning Crackers for Long Term Storage (video)

Warning: I’m told this may be both unsafe and dangerous. Attempt at your own risk! See comments below.

I’ve never tried to can crackers for long term storage but if you don’t have kids who consume all snack foods as soon as you buy them, then this may be a good idea. I think I’ll give it a shot soon just for grins.

I did notice that at the end she used the vacuum foodsaver to remove excess oxygen from the jars after she cooked them in the over; I’m wondering if it wouldn’t have been better to remove the oxygen first and then cook them in the oven? I really don’t know the answer to that one.

You can skip roughly the first half of the video as that’s mostly just her adding crackers to the jars…

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Cooking With The “Solar Death Ray”

If you’ve been following my blog for years now you may remember when I used to post about my sun oven cooking experiments… I miss those days. 🙂 Sadly, all of the large trees around my house tend to block out most of the sunshine and so my lack of willingness to work around that problem has caused me to find other uses for my time.

Fortunately, other folks carry the torch so-to-speak. Today, Wranglerstar does so and he does it with flare using the . I found it funny that his kid calls it a “Solar Death Ray” about twenty seconds in which I thought may seem to be a great way to describe this type of solar cooker to a young boy, lol. Henceforth is shall be named the “Solar Death Ray.”

Since it’s a huge parabolic solar mirror you could, of course, use this for more than just cooking. It could be a great way to start tinder for a fire, perhaps as a signaling device, to extend or amplify a light source, and much more.

Most of the video is of assembly

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DIY EMP Proof Generator (link)

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Basically, this idea consists of two parts: protect your sensitive charging equipment (inverter, charge controller) and get an old truck which is less susceptible to an EMP blast. Here’s the first part of the post:

“If you’re like me and seriously concerned about the threat of an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack taking out your ability to generate enough electricity to:

Charge Radios
Keep Weapon Optics Running (with rechargeable AA’s)
Power Perimeter Security Equipment
Run Small Refrigerators
Keep the lights on at night
Or run ANY key piece of electronic equipment…
Then check out this video on how to build your own EMP Proof Generator for a post “EMP attacked” society…”

Read the full article here

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