Health and First Aid Videos

Following are a wide variety of health and first aid videos for emergency preapredness including medical kits and info, first aid advice, and more…

DISCLAIMER: Some of this information can potentially be dangerous, even deadly… attempt at your own risk! As such, you should always seek appropriate medical/legal/professional/expert advice whenever possible. Therefore, I accept NO liability whatsoever for your use or misuse of this information.


Medical Kits

Backpack First Aid Kits – 1 of 2|
Backpack First Aid Kits – 2 of 2|
Building an Emergency Medical Bag|
Individual Trauma Kit|
Nurse Gets You Ready – Part 1 of 3|
Nurse Gets You Ready – Part 2 of 3|
Nurse Gets You Ready – Part 3 of 3|
Winter Medical Kit|

Medical Information

Chemical and Biological Agents|
Chemical Terrorism and Blast Injuries|
Dental Extraction at Base Camp|
Fish Antibiotics in a Collapse|
Foodborne Disease Prevention|
Influenza and Infections|
Instantly Cure a Toothache|
People on Psychiatric Medications|
Prepping for Mental Health|
Radiological and Nuclear Disaster|
Smallpox – Care, Treatment, Readiness|
START Triage Mass Casulaty Incident|
Top 5 Antibiotics to Store post-SHTF|
Top 5 Diseases That Will Explode|
Trauma Bag Supplies|
True Shelf Life of Medications|
What is Your Blood Type|


Activated Charcoal and Tea for Bug Bites|
Apocalyptic Medicines – 1 of 2|
Apocalyptic Medicines – 2 of 2|
Don’t Get Dehydrated|
Essential Oils for Survival|
Homemade Antibacteria Wipes|
Keep Insulin Cold While On Foot|
Keeping Feet Warm|
Make Electrolyte Solution|
Make Colloidal Silver|
Management of Deceased After Disaster|
Medicinal Herbs To Grow Medicine|
Prevent Hypothermia|
Storing Insulin and Perishable Drugs|
Symptoms of Dehydration|
Take Your Blood Pressure|
Winter Headgear Options|


Emergency First Aid

Part 1 of 4|
Part 2 of 4|
Part 3 of 4|
Part 4 of 4|

Wound Treatment

Bandage a Wound|
Bandage a Wound (demo)|
Celox Gauze|
Check a Wound for Infection|
Gunshot Wound First Aid|
Israeli Bandage (How to Use)|
Home Remedy for Infected Wounds|
Israeli Bandage Training|
Quick Clot Combat Gauze Training|
Stop Severe Bleeding|
Suturing a Wound – Part 1 of 2|
Suturing a Wound – Part 2 of 2|
Treat a Puncture Wound|
Wound Packing|

CPR and Shock

ABCs of CPR|
Child CPR|
Infant CPR|
Performing CPR|
Pet CPR|
Recovery Position|
Treating Shock|

Burn Treatment

Part 1 of 3|
Part 2 of 3|
Part 3 of 3|
Burns and Scalds in Children|
Chemical Burns and Electrocution|
Mouth Burn|

Fractures, Breaks, Strains

Ankle Sprains versus Breaks|
First Aid: Fingers|
Fractured Hand|
Jammed Finger and Toes|
Reducing Swelling|
Splinting for Transport|
Treating Strains|

Bites and Stings

Treat Dog Bites|
Treat Snake Bites|
Treat Spider Bites|
Treat Stings|


What is Anaphylaxis|
Symptoms of Anaphylaxis|
Invisible Symptoms of Anaphylaxis|
Causes of Anaphylaxis|
Uncommon Causes of Anaphylaxis|
Assessing a Reaction|
When to Seek Medical Care|
Home First Aid|
Emergency First Aid|
Emergency Treatment|
How to Prevent Anaphylaxis|


Be Careful What You Choose for a Tourniquet!|
Build a Basic Blow Out Kit|
Children and tourniquets?|
Emergency Wash Station|
Food Poisoning|
Heat Exhaustion|
Poison Ivy and Oak|
Sealed Sucking Chest Wound|
Severe Allergic Reactions|
Tourniquets, What Should You Buy?|
Treating a Seizure|
Using a Tourniquet|