Use the following links to get to each page for the best gear and equipment (note: most items are for bug out survival but there are plenty of options for at-home preparedness as well):

Backpacks and Bags – The top 14 survival backpacks and bags for hiking, camping, bug out survival, and emergency preparedness, including Maxpedition and MOLLE bags.

Survival Food and Equipment – The top 18 survival foods and equipment of 2019 for bug out and at-home preparedness, including MREs, emergency rations, freeze-dried foods, and more.

Flashlights and Lanterns – The top 12 survival flashlights and top 13 survival lanterns, including LED flashights and keychain lights as well as LED and dual-fuel lanterns.

Knives and Axes – The top 12 survival knives and top 10 survival axes, including the KA-BAR and Morakniv knives, as well as the Trucker’s Friend and Fiskars axes.

Stoves and Fire Starters – The top 12 survival stoves and top 8 fire starters, including the Solo Stove, Esbit Folding, Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter, and Credit Card Fresnel Lens.

Tents, Shelters, and Sleeping Bags – The top 35 2-person survival tents, shelters, and sleeping bags of 2019 for bug out survival, including North Face, Kelty, Coleman, ALPS, and more.

Tools and Multi-tools – The top 18 survival tools and multi-tools for hiking, camping, preparedness, including Leatherman, Victorinox, Off Grid Tools, SOG, and Ka-Bar.

Water Filters – The top 10 portable survival water filters for backpacking and hiking, as well as the top 7 gravity water filters for survival and preparedness.