Here’s answers to a few questions I’m frequently asked:

Do you accept guest posts?

I’ve stopped accepting guest posts due to generally poor submissions a long time ago, however, I may consider them (find out more here) in very rare circumstances, but you had best follow my rules to the letter if you expect me to even open your email.

Do you accept advertising or sponsored posts?

No, not at this time. All requests, including banner placements, email campaigns, text links in posts, paid article submissions, sponsored posts, and so on are NOT accepted.

Do you review products?

Yes! I’ll review anything from survival products to camping and hiking gear. Contact me to let me what you’ve got in mind and I’ll let you know if I’m interested. I don’t charge for reviews but I will be honest, good or bad. Reviews will stay on my home page for a week or two and be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and sometimes on Pinterest or other social media platforms.

Have you seen [fill in the blank]?

Maybe not. If it’s actually useful to my readers then contact me with a link and I’d be happy to check it out.