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Even more manuals, guides, and information that just didn’t fit anywhere else…

DISCLAIMER: Some of this information can potentially be dangerous, even deadly… attempt at your own risk! As such, you should always seek appropriate medical/legal/professional/expert advice whenever possible. Therefore, I accept NO liability whatsoever for your use or misuse of this information.


LDS Preparedness Manual [links to PDF File] – LDS church members are known for teaching and living a preparedness lifestyle. I would say they’re pretty good at it. The majority of the information is regarding food storage, although a variety of other topics are covered as well.

The Disaster Handbook (from the University of Florida Extension) [PDF File] – Covers a wide range of disaster preparedness topics as well as cleanup and recovery issues. Also includes details on what to do with regards to hurricanes, floods, and other select disasters.

Multiservice Service Manual 1999 [PDF File] – the survival manual the US Armed Forces use for wilderness training. If they use it to survive, you can too.

TheNewSurvivalist.com [online book] – A website that is basically a book; discusses everything you would expect such as food, water, shelter, communications, etc. Does provide some interesting information at times and, in fact, I link to specifics once or twice elsewhere.

The Free Online Survival Guide [online resource] – According to the author, “The Guide is a collection of articles related to survival and crisis preparedness. The Guide is intended to be a free online resource where you can find answers to questions that is commonly asked by those how are trying to prepare for crisis and survival situations.”

The Survival Handbook [links to PDF File] – Similar to the SAS Survival Handbook in that it attempts to describe how to survive in many climates, regions, etc.


Solar1234.com – A website maintained by Steven Harris who has appeared as a guest on TheSurvivalPodcast.com a few times discussing solar power as well as using alcohol as a fuel.

Solar Power

Build It Solar –  Many, many free solar plans and ideas. If you want to learn about something solar-related, start here.

ModernOutpost.com Solar Information – Quite a bit of information regarding solar power in a variety of situations. You might also be interested in this adapter that allows automotive lamps to be used in a typical a/c lamp socket.

Off-Grid Power – From ModerSurvivalOnline.com, includes a variety of PDF files for download regarding solar power.

Deep Cycle Battery FAQ – Detailed disucssion on deep cycle batteries including information on charging from solar or wind.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery Handbook [PDF File] – More details on SLA batteries than most people want to know but if you’re so inclined, then here you go!

Power Survival – Tons of solar powered gadgets and more.

Alcohol Fuel

Make Ethanol Fuel – Another website by Steven Harris (of Solar1234.com) that provides the equipment and info you need to produce your own ethanol for eventual use as gasoline. While I wouldn’t say this is very cost effective (even given current gasoline prices) it could prove useful in an extended grid-down situation providing you can supply your own electricity.

Other Ideas

Mayan Pedal Power – Use human-power to get things done!


FalloutFitness.com – Get yourself in shape for the apocalypse and more! Get free workout plans, personalized plans, survival guides, and more.

PickerOfLocks.com – Learn to pick locks fast and get the tools and resources you need to do so all in one spot.

PrimitiveWays.com [online resource] – When you’re on your own you could be doing things the way your ancestors did… better learn how now. A large number of topics are covered, including stone age technologies, fire making and cooking, primitive tools, and shelters.

Argentinas Collapse [links to PDF File] – Discusses one man’s experience (Ferfal from http://ferfal.blogspot.com) regarding the recent Argentinia economic collapse.

52 Weeks to Preparedness – The folks at ReadyNutrition have put together a neat 52 week step-by-step guide to better prepare your family. Their free course covers everything I can think of and them some. Check it out.

Live Police, Fire, EMS Feeds Online – Listen to your local emergency responders live online. Just select your state and county and enjoy. 😉

Important Legal Documents – There are plenty of legal documents you should include in your bug out bags for disaster preparedness, this resource lists the ones you should have.

Pet Considerations – If you have pets (and most of us do) then be sure you have them covered! After all, they’re every bit as dependent on you as children.

Best Gold Dealers for 2019 – A great resource for discovering how to invest in gold for 2017 and beyond. Offers a list of several gold dealers you can work with as well as a guide for what to expect when purchasing and even reviews too.

Financial Emergency Preparedness – How to handle your finances before, during, and after a disaster.

Pest Helpers – Bugs are horrible! Find a reputable company to help you exterminate them for good.

Disaster Preparedness for Small Businesses – Own a small business? Discover the four steps of disaster preparedness for small business owners.

Essential Oils and Herbs for Home Remedies – Interactive guide: sort by symptom or herb / oil, or search for whatever you like!

The Ultimate Survivalists Guide to HAM Radio – Everything you wanted to know about frequencies, getting a license, equipment, repeaters, and plenty more.

Coming Home After a Disaster – Many times we forget that there are significant challenges to returning home after a disaster has struck. This guide discusses what to do in preparation for coming home and what you might need to know to stay safe and recover faster.

Financial Preparedness for Disasters – Plenty of good information regarding what to do before, during, and after an emergency with regards to your finances. Most of it’s probably common sense, but it never hurts to ensure you have your bases covered.

Assorted Free Downloads

100 Free Survival Downloads – includes Google Docs files for many subjects, including first aid, survival manuals, edible and medicinal plants, knots, military manuals, and more.

55 Survival Downloads and Handbooks – Pioneering, SHTF, Engineering, Urban Gardening, Defense, and more.

Top 14 Survival PDF Downloads You Should Have (Free!)

Permaculture Resources

PermaculturePrinciples.com – A nice resource for understanding the basics of permaculture.

Permies.com – Forums and more discussing all aspects of permaculture.

Permaculture.org – An organization dedicated to permacuture.

Permaculture YouTube videos – Jack Spirko discusses his view on permaculture design principles.

Backpacking Resources (for Bug Out)

BackpackGearTest.org – A site where users submit their reviews of backpacking equipment after using it in the field. I’ve had occasion to use these reviews a few times and found them well worth my time.

Backpacking.Net – Information on lightweight backpacking such as how to reduce gear weight, how to plan your gear, gear recommendations, and so on. Also provides some useful basic information for beginners as well as links to books on how to hike with kids.

Ultimate Guide to Camping and Backpacking  – A good compilation of camping and backpacking links, including additional backpacking resources, U.S. and international destinations, a variety of camping and backpacking tips, podcasts (which I love), blogs (for even more), several camping and backpacking phone apps, as well as club and associations you can join.

Last, But Not Least

The Amazing UV Paqlite – An interesting light (similar to glow sticks) that can be “recharged” many times over and requires no bulbs or batteries.

Snap Heat – Reusable heat packs that produce heat similar to traditional hand warmers but can be reused indefinitely. Definitely worth a look.

Homeowner’s Guide to Spiders [PDF File] – learn to identify those creepy-crawlies… ugh!

Insect Identification – Allows you to select bug features and determine possiblities by state.

How Much Electricity Do Household Items Use? – Figure out what your “necessary” appliances are REALLY costing you.

Sump Pump Buying and Installation Guide – The last thing you want in a disaster is a flooded basement when there is a simple solution at hand and sump pumps are that answer. This article discusses types of sump pumps and offers many dozens of options.

Finding Land for Off-Grid Homestead – Covers soil, water, sunlight, wind, local wildlife, vegetation, and more.