Write for Us

Be Aware: I rarely accept guest posts due to increasingly POOR submissions, but…

If you still insist on submitting a guest post, then please don’t email me first asking about subjects. Just send me a stellar article about survival, follow all of my rules below, and I may still consider it.

Please Read: Even if you feel you’ve follow my rules below but still submit an article which I deem uninteresting, hard to read, or even basic information readily found elsewhere… I will NOT publish it NOR will I even bother to reply to you telling you so because you’ve just wasted my time! If you do have something interesting to share and can follow rules then please read on…

I’m looking to increase readership dramatically by opening up this blog to quality blog posts from like-minded survival and preparedness bloggers with the direct benefit of driving quality traffic to your site via your guest posts.

Please Note: I’m getting more and more picky about the posts I’ll accept and publish which means I expect posts to be truly useful to my readers by explaining something useful (e.g., “how to” posts) or discussing topics in an unexpected or not often mentioned way and so on.

What I Require Of You (The Rules):

  1. English speaking with good grammar is an absolute must. This is easily my most important requirement. If the article is hard to read even though it’s written in English and technically meets the below minimum requirements then I won’t publish it. Make the article readable at the very least and I’ll consider it… make the article interesting and I’ll happily publish it.
  2. No re-published or generic information from your own site or elsewhere; unique and interesting content is a must! Let me be clear: I am NOT interested in generic articles or information that can be readily found on dozens of other sites and I certainly don’t want articles that have appeared elsewhere, even if re-worded or spun. If you’re going to discuss a common subject then come at it from an new angle or make the article overwhelmingly useful, such as with YouTube videos, internal links, outbound links, etc.
  3. A minimum of 2000 words (with NO filler material). If you’re willing to write then I’m looking for cornerstone pieces, not just 2000 words. Every word and sentence must have a purpose to the article and not be filler to meet this minimum word requirement. In some cases less words will suffice, for example, if there are multiple photos and/or videos that explain things better, but don’t send me a 500 word article with a few photos and expect me to publish it. Realize, too, that I’ve been sent plenty of articles that technically meet this minimum word requirement but are horrible to read and, as such, I won’t publish them either.
  4. Photos must be properly credited with an appropriate URL if it’s not your own photo as I won’t publish without it. Multiple photos and videos are, however, welcome.
  5. Outbound links are also welcome such as to your own site or other useful articles. Just avoid linking to obvious affiliate links (though they will be allowed) and definitely not to sites that try to sell alarm systems… those drive me nuts. 😉 If you want a link to be “dofollow” then say so.

Benefits To You:

  1. Your article will be featured on my front page for a full week or longer.
  2. Your article will be posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and elsewhere. If you didn’t know, we have over 2K email subs, 14K+ Facebook fans, several hundred Twitter followers, 30K+ Pinterest followers and growing.
  3. You’re welcome to create an author profile with “dofollow” links back to your site as well as links to your social media profiles (with “nofollow” links), including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and more if you like.
  4. I don’t charge for guest posts, which is why I expect them to be very good.

Submit Your Guest Post:

Email me rethinksurvival (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject “guest post” and attach the article as a Word or text document. Be sure to add a subject line and any author bio information you’d like for me to include as well.

Note: photos are encourage and welcome (with appropriate credit), just add them as an attachment to your article in the email and make it clear where to put them in your posts. Videos are wonderful too, just add the URL to where they belong in the body.