Quick References


Here’s answers to a few questions I’m frequently asked:

Do you accept advertising?

No. Not in any form, from banners to email campaigns, text links… nothing.

Do you accept guest posts?

Almost never… especially if you’re promoting home security systems or products in any way. Otherwise, if you’re honestly offering a useful article that my readers will appreciate, then you’re welcome to contact me. Include the term “guest post” in the subject.

Have you seen [fill in the blank]?

Maybe not. If it’s actually useful to my readers then contact me with a link and I’d be happy to check it out.

Why do you not provide the entire article in your “quick reference” links? It’s annoying!

I link to new articles each and every day and I do so mostly because I think they’re useful content to share with you. The truth is that most bloggers much prefer I link to their content rather than to republish it here. It’s the right thing to do. :)