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Note that I’ve started trying to follow this schedule as much as I can:

  • Make it Mondays: My experiences making anything and everything, including meals (especially from food storage foods) or from scratch recipes, DIY and “how to” projects (e.g., fire starters, solar projects, etc), homemade solutions (cleaners, hygiene products, etc) and whatever else I feel like trying and sharing.
  • Whatever Wednesdays: A catch-all day for gear reviews, my musings and thoughts on preparedness, guest posts if they’re worthy, and anything that doesn’t nicely fit in another category.
  • Frugal Fridays: My experiences living frugally, such as things we’ve given up, use less of, or alternatives to commercial-options in an effort to save money and maybe even live a healthier and, dare I suggest, more fulfilled life too.
  • Super Savings /Safety Saturday: If I can find good deals on survival, preparedness, or hiking and camping gear, I’ll share them here. Alternatively, I might share safety tips and reminder if there’s no wonderful deals to mention.
  • Supper Sundays: These are meals I make (such as with “meals in a jar”) or cook using THRIVE Life foods with the intention of making our hectic lives easier and truly healthier too. Plus they’re great for food storage! I may also cook foods in unconventional ways be it in a sun oven, dutch oven, slow cooker, thermos, over a campfire and so on.

Choose to stick around, learn from my experiences, share your own in the comments below a post, and otherwise have a good time here. 🙂

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