Real-Time Hazards Monitoring

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Recent Earthquakes Atlantic Hurricane Watch Tornado Watch HAZMAT Map
Tsunami Watch Volcano Watch Flood and Drought Watch Gang Activity
Wildfire Watch Air Quality Forecast Current UV Index Disease Outbreaks

Consolidated Overview

Warnings and Forecasts

Weather Hazards Legend

Recent Earthquakes

Atlantic Hurricane Watch

Convective Watch (for Tornadoes)

Current Watch:

Day 1 Outlook:

Day 2 Outlook:

Day 3 Outlook:

Tsunami Watch

Volcano Watch

Click here for USGS Volcano Hazards Program website

Flood and Drought Watch

Significant River Flood Outlook (from NWS):

Map of Flood and High Flow Conditions (from USGS):

Current Flood

Map of Drought Conditions (from USGS):

Drought Outlook

Current Streamflow (from USGS):

Current Water

Wildfire Watch

Day 1 Outlook (from NOAA):

Day 2 Outlook (from NOAA):

Day 3-8 Outlook (from NOAA):

Air Quality Forecast

Current UV Index

HAZMAT Incident Map

Click here for HAZMAT Situations and Deployments Map website

Gang Activity Map

Click here for Gang Activity, Gang Arrests Map website

Disease Outbreaks Map

Click here for Global Outbreaks Map website