Equipment / Supplies

Disturbing Trends in Survival Gear

Last night I went looking for a new flashlight to keep at my bedside because the one I’d been using for years now is going on the fritz. So, I went to Amazon and typed in “flashlight” to see what I could find and, to my dismay, more and more options were rechargeable. You know, […]

Disaster Planning Food / Water

More Food Shortages Coming?

Just my humble opinion, but I thought the grocery stores and food manufacturers did a great job this year keeping the store shelves stocked with most of our necessities, all things considered. Granted, there were occasionally times when some items were missing from my local grocery stores–fresh eggs, milk, and the like come to mind–but […]

Bug Out / Wilderness Skills / Knowledge

No Knot Tarp Setup

I may never tie a knot again, lol. Gotta love simple DIY tricks like this, especially when they make setup easier…

Disaster Planning

What You Need to Live a Self-Sufficient Life

They say that no man is an island, and in the modern world, we rely on many different resources to maintain our lifestyle. The electricity that powers your devices comes from a collective grid. If you live in a city, your water, sewage and garbage are often all handled by the same company. Massive agricultural […]

Bug Out / Wilderness Camping / Fire

B.O.S.S Fire Starting Kit

Interesting in a done-for-you fire starting kit? If so, consider the B.O.S.S. Off Grid Tools Survival Fire Starting Kit. Although I have my own fire starting kits, none include everything below which has me to wondering if I should add a few items because there’s so much included in this kit! Personally, I think they […]

Disaster Planning DIY Projects Equipment / Supplies

Vehicle Tools and False Floor

Last weekend we went to Crater Lake in Oregon–the smoke was still bad so we didn’t see much–and as (my) luck would have it, we had a problem with our van since it wouldn’t start one morning because the positive battery cable came loose. I assume it was never correctly tightened down when installed. In […]

Disaster Planning Skills / Knowledge

Bugging In – 25 Things NOT To Do

So we’re all concerned about bugging out these days, and we should be to an extent, but it’s almost always more likely that you’re going to be bugging in first or, at the very least, preferring to bug in. With that in mind, you really do need to keep your safety at the forefront of […]

Defense / Security / Safety Interesting Stuff

Scary Wi-Fi Hacking Electronics!

Worried about your Wi-Fi getting hacked? No? After watching this you should be. Although I’d known some of these nefarious tools existed, I had no idea how easy they are to purchase (often on Amazon for cheap), use (I could probably figure it out), and worst of all… how quickly they can be employed to […]

Amazon Kindle Books Bug Out / Wilderness

Bug Out Bag Book – $0.99 Kindle Countdown – Limited Time Deal

I realized a few weeks back that I haven’t done a promotion on any of my books in a long time, probably since last year. So, I figured that I my bug out bag book would be a good candidate considering all the craziness going on out there lately, from wildfires to riots and who […]

DIY Projects Homesteading / Gardening

DIY Handmade Bricks for Homesteading

Ever wonder what you would do if we, as a society, had to start from scratch? More specifically, which crucial structures we take for granted in today’s modern society that may need to be recreated? I do. While there’s a lot to consider, one of the biggest problems we may face could include the ability […]