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How to Go Off-Grid With Solar

Many people are working toward the shared goal of sustainability. Declaring independence from the power and water grid, becoming self-sufficient and reducing your reliance on others are all massive steps, especially if you’re accustomed to the creature comforts modern living provides. Generating enough power to keep your home running without having to rely on the […]

Bug Out / Wilderness

How to Get Nutrition in the Wilderness

There’s no better way to connect with nature than going off-grid and heading out into the wilderness. Underneath the sun and stars, you’ll unplug from technology, tune into a more natural wake/sleep cycle and boost your mental well-being. You’ll also learn to appreciate the little things, like the plants and animals you may enjoy for […]

Homesteading / Gardening Warmth / Shelter / Cooling

DIY Geothermal Greenhouse – No Supplemental Heat Needed

Not only do you get the benefit of not having to heat your greenhouse during the winter, but the water barrels that act as the heatsinks allow you to store hundreds of gallons of potable water too! FYI, he starts talking about his supplemental heat system at around the 5:15 mark and then a bit […]

Disaster Planning

Is Civil War Coming? If So, What Can I Do About It? (My Top 7 Priorities)

I get this question or something similar to it every so often and, to be honest, it’s a hard one to answer. Why? Because they’re not really asking what they think they are. What they’re really asking is if it’s time to “run for the hills” or not. They’re wanting to know if they should […]

Defense / Security / Safety

How Do I Defend Myself Without Firearms?

A reader emailed me the other day and asked: “I live in the UK and sometimes in Spain. We do not have access to firearms and even carrying a knife will get a citizen into trouble. We have no amendments which gives us rights. Some farmers can have a shotgun but have to have it […]

Homesteading / Gardening Skills / Knowledge

Simple 10′ x 12′ Off Grid Cabin Build

Are you feeling like you need to have an place to get away from it all if things get worse? If so, consider building your own off grid cabin. This one is a multi-part series and well worth the watch if you’re interested in the entire process as I was. And if you want to […]

Food / Water

Must-Have Survival Food and Storage Systems in the Winter

While it may be summer in the southern hemisphere, in the northern latitudes, winter is adding a frosty filter to everything in sight. Temperatures are dropping, snow is falling and the landscape is getting icy. For homesteaders and those living off the grid, it’s also a very lean season. Fields lay fallow during the cold […]

Disaster Planning Skills / Knowledge

I’m in my 60’s, Disabled, And New to Prepping. What Should I Do?

I got this email the other day from one of my readers asking my advice about what he can do to get better prepared since they’re getting older and have some health problems. As always, I answered and I figured my answer may help others, so I’m posting it here. FYI, I was given permission […]

Equipment / Supplies

Adapters for Power Tools (to use different brand batteries in what you already own)

This was a pretty cool find to bring in the new year. And, to be honest, I had no idea these power tool battery adapters even existed. For somewhere around $20-25 each on average–he said they were about $12-18 in the video, although some of the adapters prices vary quite a bit–you can get adapters […]

Homesteading / Gardening

10 Best Dogs for Going Off Grid and Homesteading

If you’re looking for information about going off the grid, the internet provides a wealth of information — but most of it focuses on things like food, water, and solar panels. There is a lot more to the act of going off the grid than just the basics. One of the things that every homesteader […]