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8 Ways The World Could Suddenly End

YouTube now loves to recommend TED talks to me and this one sure caught my attention since it talks about the END OF THE WORLD! In any case, the following video was interesting, yet sober, look at eight specific ways the world could come to an end as we know it, including a pandemic, solar […]

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How to Make a Flip-Flop Winch

Never know when you might need to make one of these to move something heavy out of the way or to pull a vehicle out of the ditch. That said, I sure am glad they invented the come-a-long power puller because this would take forever, lol…

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7 Overlooked Everyday Items In Your House You Can Use For Survival

Any survival or disaster situation is naturally going to require you to get a little creative.   This is because resources in any survival situation are going to be rather thin, and you’re going to have to learn how to make the best with what you have. Fortunately, finding yourself in a survival situation doesn’t […]

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Will Sunlight Fire a Bullet?

This caught my attention today. Around the 6:00 mark it begins to get more interesting, but too bad he didn’t try to send the .22 round down a rifled barrel of some sort. Regardless, it was a neat though experiment and just goes to show that focused sunlight can do almost anything…

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Two Best Lockpicks

Video on lockpick choices. He recommends two: The Titanium Bogota lockpicks for better feel than stainless, plus they fit easily in your wallet or pocket. The folding pocket pick set because it’s all conveniently contained in a single unit, sort of like a Swiss Army knife. Remember, of course, that picking locks other than your own […]

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3000 Watt Parabolic Mirror Solar Array

I’m not quite sure how the video creator came up with this being “3000 watts,” but if you watch the later half of the video you’ll see some of it in action. Of course, as with any large DIY solar mirror project, it can be dangerous to use! Please be cautious if you intend on […]

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Do You Like Free Survival Kindle Books? Then I Have a Proposition for You…

Yeah, I know it’s Halloween and this isn’t a trick, but it sure is a treat for a select few of you… You see, I’ve decided to start writing Kindle books. In fact, I’ve got several of them nearly finished, but since I’ve never done this before I’m looking to get more “eyeballs” on my […]

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Super Glue Trick Makes It Immediately Rock Hard?

I happened upon this video the other day and though, wow, does this really work? If so, why haven’t I heard about this sooner!? Now I need to go break something so I can give it a try, lol…  

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Prepper Bundle Flash Sale 90% Off, Less Than 3 Days Now

Remember that awesome Prepper Bundle we talked about a few months back? Well, apparently there’s been a huge request for it to come back and fortunately for you… Jennifer and Bill have heard your requests. Now (actually since Friday) through this coming Monday (less than 3 days as of this email) the Prepper Bundle is […]

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8 Reasons to Try Hunting This Year

When it comes to shooting guns, more and more people are opting to spend time at a shooting range rather than going out hunting. Little do they know that hunting not only gives you the same adrenaline rush that you would get at a gun range, but you will also get additional benefits that will […]