53 Essential Bug Out Bag Supplies (Kindle Book)

Bug Out Bag Book
Being ready and able to “bug out” or evacuate from a disaster is no easy task and doing so on foot surely makes a bug out situation THAT much more difficult. After all, fleeing from a disaster on foot must be stressful, even frantic.

Let’s hope you never have to evacuate like this but if you do then you ought to get it right, and getting your bug out bag gear correct is a great first step… a step which most people (even “experts”) get wrong.

Sadly, most every bug out bag list has some unwritten expectation that you’re going to be bugging out into or though some plentiful nearby wilderness with fish to catch, streams to rest alongside, mountains to navigate, and debris huts to build.

This just isn’t the case for most of us.

Most Americans are going to be slogging their way through the urban “jungle” with nothing to catch for food, dirty sidewalk puddles to drink, potentially unrecognizable buildings or roads to traverse, and maybe an occasional overhang to huddle beneath.

These juxtapositions in bug out environments are very different and MUST be treated as such.

We, therefore, need to plan differently for a bug out in suburbia as opposed to the wilderness. Throw out old notions of stuffing your bag with fishing kits, hydration bladders, axes, saws, and tents… you won’t need any of this typical bug out bag gear.

If you live anywhere near a city or town and have no expectation of actually evacuating into the wilderness, then it’s time get your bug out bag put together the right way with these 53 essentials you won’t want to be without.

Besides the 53 essentials, we’ll also discuss:

  • the problem with creating an “ultimate” bug out bag list (and why it doesn’t matter),
  • whether to get the bag or gear first (as well as a few alternatives to typical hiking bags),
  • unnecessary gear you don’t want, don’t need, and shouldn’t waste your money on (don’t fall for these mistakes)

Built upon four tiers of gear and supplies, this book will show you precisely how to build a survival pack you can rely upon.

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