53 Essential Bug Out Bag Supplies (Kindle Book)

Is Your Bug Out Bag All Wrong? It Could Be, Here’s Why…

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Being ready and able to evacuate or “bug out” from a disaster is no easy task and doing so on foot surely makes a bug out situation THAT much more difficult. Let’s hope you never have to do this but, if you do, then you ought to get it right and having your survival backpack gear correct is a great first step… a step which most people, even “experts,” get wrong.

Sadly, most every bug out bag list has some unwritten expectation that you’ll be evacuating into a plentiful nearby wilderness with fish to catch, streams to rest alongside, mountains to navigate, and debris huts to build.

This just isn’t the case for most of us.

Most Americans are going to be slogging their way through the urban “jungle” with nothing to catch for food or even a good source of water to drink! There may even be potentially unrecognizable building and roads as well as a shortage of safe shelter spots to get out of the elements.

Sadly, there will even be unprepared and desperate people looking for any way to survive which could mean looking to YOU for whatever you may be able to provide… willingly or not.

These juxtapositions in bug out environments are quite different and should be treated as such.

We, therefore, need to plan differently for a bug out in suburbia. Throw out old notions of military survival gear and even most outdoor survival gear.

If you live anywhere near a city or town and have no expectation of actually evacuating into the wilderness, then it’s time get your bug out bag right with these 53 essentials you won’t want to be without.

But, first…

Who I Am, Why Listen To Me…

My name is Damian Brindle.

You may know me from my website, reThinkSurvival.com, a long-standing and trusted survival website with many thousands of readers.

I’ve spent the past decade studying and discovering nearly everything I can about survival, especially at home preparedness, to ensure my own family’s survival.

I know more than most folks about bugging in, bugging out, food storage, off-grid cooking, home safety and protection, and so much more.

Over the last several years I’ve dedicated my life and my time to helping others just like you better survive disasters of all kinds.

Like I said, it’s my life.

I’m also husband to a wonderful wife and father to two growing boys… as well as a devoted Christian and fellow Patriot.

I’ve spent years ensuring my family will be 100% safe, secure, and ready for disasters of all kinds and now I’m offering you the chance to take an important–even crucial–action for yourself by setting up your “get home bag” correctly right now.

Besides The “53 Essentials” We’ll Also Cover…

  • The Problem with Creating an “Ultimate” Bug Out Bag List
  • Choosing a Bag: Which Comes First, The Bag or The Gear?
  • 13 Unnecessary Items Most Go Bag Lists Include But Don’t Need

Why You Must Prepare Yourself Now…

Disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, blizzards, floods, and so many more won’t wait for you to be ready for them, and most strike without warning! You simply MUST prepare yourself now… here’s how to get your survival kit right and to stay safe.

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