Get Home Bag Book Recommendations

Here are the recommendations from my Get Home Bag and Compact EDC Kit book (in the order they were introduced) which you should consider getting for your bag to ensure you’re ready for the next big disaster…

Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag SOG Special Edition (for comparison purposes)

5.11 Tactical MIRA Backpack (the backpack I recommend)

Gear That Goes In The Backpack…

Rain Poncho

Emergency Shelter / Tube Tent

Emergency Bivvy

10-Liter Dry Bag

Work Gloves

Safety Glasses (pack of 4)

Gear That Goes In The Compact EDC Kit…

Flashlight (pack of 5, uses AA battery)

Streamlight Flashlight (better alternative)

Headlamp (uses AAA batteries)

Headlamp (uses AA batteries)

First Aid Kit

Backpacking First Aid Kit (better alternative, but bulkier and heavier)

Israeli Compression Bandage (pack of 2)

Sabre Red Pepper Gel (better than Mace and regular pepper spray)

Portable Charger (there are more powerful chargers if you prefer)

Fixed Blade Knife

N-95 Masks (pack of 10)

N-100 Mask (single)

RZ Mask (what I included in my wife’s bag)

Mini Bic Lighters (pack of 5)

Stormproof Matches (pack of 25)

Tinder-Quik (pack of 20)

Duct Tape (pack of 2)

Paracord (much stronger than traditional 550 lb. mil-spec)

Rescue Howler Whistle (pack of 2)

Slim Whistles (pack of 2)

Sonik Blask Whistle (alternative)

Mini Multi-tool

Gerber Dime Multi-tool (better alternative)

Leatherman Wave (my preferred multi-tool for EDC)

Pocket Survival Kit Gear (not previously mentioned)…

GSI Lexan N-Case 840 (the larger case)

GSI Lexan N-Case 420 (the smaller case)

Ferro Rods (pack of 8)

Streamlight Nano (pack of 2)

Aquamira Frontier Straw

P-38/P-51 Can Opener

Fresnel Lens (pack of 3)

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