How To Build An Off Grid Gravity Fed Water System (link)

This is an easy way to get water flowing for small uses, such as washing hands or doing the dishes, and if you include an in-line water filter such as the then you’ll be well on your way to ditching your indoor plumbing, lol…

“An off grid Gravity Fed Water System is a great  option

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How to Treat and Prevent Cholera (video)

Cholera is no joke, hasn’t been eradicated whatsoever, and WILL rear its ugly head post-SHTF. You had better know how to properly treat it should the need arise! In this video, ThePatriotNurse discusses what you can do and suggests you purchase antibiotics for your “sick fish” <a

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A Better Mousetrap? The Kness Ketch All (video)

In my opinion, the only good mouse is a dead one but if for some reason you want to catch and release or don’t want to use poison then perhaps the is the way to go? The video said the cost is around $30 but I found it on Amazon for about half that price.

The following video suggests the Ketch

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Trash Piles Up After Only Two Days In A Disaster!

Bernie from recently had an eye-opening experience where trash service didn’t pick up his apartment complex trash for two days because of a storm and, as a result, things started to turn ugly quickly… the garbage situation, that is.

Sanitation is, in my opinion, one

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RZ Mask: Airborne Contamination Protection In Your Bug Out Bag (video)

Like he says, airborne contamination is probably an overlooked area of preparedness in most bug out bags. In this video, he points out an interesting tool that I hadn’t heard of before today, the which is obviously intended to help protect you from harmful airborne contaminants.

The interesting

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Cheesecloth as Bio-Hazard Mask? +10 Alternative Uses

About the only way I’ve used cheesecloth in my life is to strain the pulp from almond milk. Yeah, I’m the adventurous sort. 🙂

To branch out, I thought I would research some ideas on how to use cheesecloth beyond the obvious one of making cheese (and apparently yogurt and tofu) and as a

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Get Fewer Haircuts, Cut Your Own… Potentially Save $1000 per Year!

I’ve been fortunate that many years ago I started to lose my hair. Yes, I said fortunately. Most people would probably disagree with me seeing as though they want to keep their hair. I don’t. In fact, I’m plenty happy having a bald head for many reasons.

First, I make it look good:


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