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DIY Box Fan Air Filter to Reduce Smoke Particulates

I live in Washington state where we’ve had some problems with wildfires lately. Apparently the entire West coast is burning down… literally and figuratively. Fortunately, we haven’t been close enough to any wildfire to be in danger, but we have had some noticeable smoke in the area and I’m told we’re going to have more problems today. As a result of that warning, I was directed to watch this very short video on how to make a DIY room air filter specifically to help remove smoke particulates. All you need is a box fan, 20″ HVAC furnace filter with MERV rating of between 11-14, and something to attach the filter such as a bungee cord. I decided to make a couple myself, so we’ll see how well they work if we do have problems.

By Damian Brindle

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