Solar Lantern Charges Your Phone (link)

Solar powered lights are all the rage these days, aren’t they? I know I have a few myself and even one made by the folks who created this new inflatable solar lantern that charges your cell phone too.

I know the post talks about this being a prototype and that you can back it as a kickstarter

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Bedroom Survival Kit (link)

Considering we spend a significant amount of time in our bedrooms it behooves you to ensure you’re ready for whatever while you sleep. With that in mind, the following article offers quite a few items to include in your bedroom survival kit, everything from clothing, gear, and bug out bags to

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Can You Really Freeze Dry Food At Home Without A Machine? (link)

I love freeze dried food. It’s nutritious, tasty, super lightweight… it just can’t be beat. But, it’s expensive to purchase in most cases and if you want to freeze dry at home, well, you’ll have to buy an expensive machine which is one big reason why I buy my freeze dried

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37 Emerging Diseases That Have Pandemic Potential (link)

I honestly had little idea that there were so many diseases the CDC is keeping an eye on as a future pandemic threat and, believe it or not, the list doesn’t even include already established and widespread diseases such as Ebola and influenza!

As the following article later mentions, it wasn’t

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