How to Treat and Prevent Cholera (video)

Cholera is no joke, hasn’t been eradicated whatsoever, and WILL rear its ugly head post-SHTF. You had better know how to properly treat it should the need arise! In this video, ThePatriotNurse discusses what you can do and suggests you purchase antibiotics for your “sick fish” from here (use Aquarium6 discount code to save $10) as part of the treatment plan.

Beyond proper treatment it’s about prevention, specifically, ensuring you have clean water. To do so she recommends the (and I second that recommendation) here’s what she has to say about it…

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A Better Mousetrap? The Kness Ketch All (video)

In my opinion, the only good mouse is a dead one but if for some reason you want to catch and release or don’t want to use poison then perhaps the is the way to go? The video said the cost is around $30 but I found it on Amazon for about half that price.

The following video suggests the Ketch All mousetrap is a good buy, particularly if you only have a few mice to deal with and/or may not be around regularly to properly deal with them.

That said, I did notice the first Amazon review I read stated that for a large mouse problem then this isn’t the solution: “…We had so many mice that after six mice are trapped, the spring unwinds and the door stays open so that all the mice get out. I finally had to use snap traps to thin them out. It will catch from 1 to 4 mice and keep them in, but if you have a real mouse plague, this trap is not the answer.”

Other reviews suggested it works but didn’t always keep the little rodents alive due to various injuries while

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Perfect Fire Starting Tinder: Pencil Sharpener Shavings (video)

Like he says, go buy one of those large pencil sharpeners from your nearest hardware store (the ones used to sharpen carpenter’s pencils), pop the end off, and you’re ready to make perfect fire starting tinder!

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Pack Hack: Tent Stake Stove (video)

Good way to reduce stove weight and size in your packs for hiking or bug out…

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Neat to See This at Home Depot


I was at a Home Depot recently in mid-Missouri while visiting my folks and as I walked into the front door I immediately noticed this TwisterPod storm shelter by Survive-A-Storm Shelters:

As I was intrigued I took a closer look:

Sadly, there isn’t anything inside to get excited about. Just two seats on either side of the shelter and that’s it. The brochure says you can fit four inside and, yes, you could but it would be a tight fit!

Made from 3/16″ cold rolled steel, I’d imagine this shelter could take a bit of a beating and keep you safe inside. The shelter is likely small enough to be mounted in the corner of a garage or other inconspicuous place.

At a cost of almost $3,700, however, it feels a tad expensive for the amenities provided, lol. The good news is that the price includes free delivery and installation, neither of which I would want to tackle myself.

It took me a moment to notice their other shelter which happened to be sitting right next to the above shelter

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The Most Effective Mosquito and Insect Repellent for Camping (video)

Here’s a cost-conscious (read:free) and apparently effective way to keep bugs at bay while camping this summer… just follow the cows, lol…

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800+ Free Survival Manuals

Screenshot Credit

I was recently made aware of a huge survival guide resource at It seems this page alone has over 800 free resources (by my rough count) which you may freely download, though the subheadings claim nearly 3000 resources… I’m not quite sure where the other 2200 are at.

Regardless, every topic seems covered, from NBC to wilderness survival, medical, water, food, fire, gardening, shelters and so much more… you’ll find plenty to make use of I’m sure.

The only request the site owner has is that if you want to save yourself loads of time and download the provided ZIP or RAR files that you consider making a donation to help with bandwidth costs which, I’ll attest, really do cost website owners money and can do so quickly.

Here’s the link again to this wonderful resource page if you’re interested… and, of course, be sure to share this with all who may be interested.

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How To Get Antibiotics Without A Prescription (video)

Just repeat the mantra: “my fish are sick, my fish are sick, my fish are sick” and you’ll be on the right track for sure, plus this video discusses a wonderful SHTF medical preparedness book, , which is written by two of my most favorite people, the Alton’s of Trust me, you can’t go wrong with purchasing this book and following their advice…

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Electric Knife Sharpener for SHTF Survival


I finally broke down and purchased an electric knife sharpener, a , which cost me just under $30 total on Amazon:

Yes, I’ve NEVER owned an electric sharpener until this purchase preferring, instead, to sharpen knives by hand perhaps because I wanted to be “manly”… or just because I figured I shouldn’t rely on anything electric for such a basic task as sharpening a knife during SHTF.

Perhaps I was wrong.


Because an electric knife sharpener is far better and much faster than attempting to sharpen a knife by hand. In fact, I’d say that unless you have a grinder you’re not going to be able to put an edge on at all with puny little sharpening gadgets like this:

I’ve owned a few of these (this is the one I’ve been using) but I’ve never been a huge fan because, unless you’re just trying to put an edge back on a knife that’s already relatively sharp, these aren’t going to do much good.

It was only until I sharpened

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How to Treat Tension Pneumothorax (video)

I’m glad I’m not an EMT! I can only imagine myself attempting to remember (let alone do) this if/when needed. I’d say the take away here is to call 9-1-1 should this ever be necessary. That said, if this is SHTF then you probably have no choice but to attempt. If you truly expect to do that then get appropriate training now…

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