5 SHTF Strategies For Avoiding The Zombie Hordes

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I really feel like we must be heading towards SHTF sooner rather than later. I’d suggest you merely look at all the charts which show we’re heading over a fiscal cliff in the near future and you’ll surely agree. When? I truly don’t know. It could be a decade from now or tomorrow. But it IS coming.

The question is: What to do about it? How do you keep your family safe and avoid the looming zombie hordes? Because you know they are coming and they won’t simply go away when they’re at your doorstep. And by “zombies” I mean the 99%+ of American’s who have failed to do anything to prepare themselves for… anything… yeah, those people.

Though none of these strategies are foolproof and some certainly are better than others, the major problem I see with most of them is that they cost a lot of money to make happen. That and they’re a huge lifestyle change, one that most folks wouldn’t like. Well, that’s my assumption

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Lighter “Hack” to Avoid Wasted Fuel When Not Being Used (video)

I assumed that most folks know this but maybe not. I do this with most of my lighters that I don’t use regularly to ensure I’m not wasting fuel and, worse yet, so that I’m not expecting to rely upon a “dead” lighter when needed the most! Realize that you really should cinch the zip tie tighter than even he shows in the video because they can work loose but also understand that you may need to also cut the zip tie to get it off if you cinch it very tightly. Skip to about the 0:22 mark to get to the idea…

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Will Time Matter When SHTF?

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The other day I talked about another power outage we had and while I was sitting there mostly in the dark because my family didn’t want to run but one single, dim lantern in the pitch black darkness (don’t ask me why) I began to ponder time and whether it will mean anything when SHTF.

Ultimately, I’d decided that if this were SHTF time wouldn’t matter too much. That is, the actual counting of hours, minutes, and seconds wouldn’t matter much… keeping track of the seasons is another matter and likely still important.

During the power outage, however, my kids didn’t want to go to bed because it wasn’t “time for bed” which we still had an hour or so to go until then even though it was nearly pitch-black dark outside. If there was no time or clocks to keep time my kids obviously wouldn’t have known any different. I sort of smiled under my breathing wondering how long it would take post-SHTF for folks to go back to what

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5 Minute Hammock Tarp (video)

Dave Canterbury shows us how to turn an 8×8 oilcloth tarp into a hammock in about five minutes. You’re going to need a few more items besides just the tarp, specifically two metal rings (not sure where he gets them but perhaps large carabiners would work instead) and two  (he carries two 25-feet lengths), but the idea is fairly simple to implement as he demonstrates…

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“Grab-n-Go” Power Outage Kit


A funny thing happened while on the way to write this post: the power went out… again. Just yesterday the power went out due to high winds for several hours and it turned out that I got into quite a few basic survival items this time, including more than a dozen items listed below.

You see, I like to keep things organized, so much so that I actually make it difficult on myself to gather all the stuff I would need for even a basic power outage like we’ve experienced several times over the past few months.

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. I’ve had enough!

Instead of rooting through various bins and shelves each time to gather these dozen plus items, I figured I would just put them all in one single bin to make my life easier next time. This, of course, contradicts my logical brain because I now have things where they “don’t belong” but I’ll do my best to ignore my incessant need to have things super organized and compartmentalized for sake of

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3 Quick Tips For Storing 550 Paracord (video)

Have you ever failed to properly wind your cordage when done? I have. It can turn into a jumbled mess! And  regret it every time. In this video JJ shows how to wind paracord so that it easily dispenses when needed, how to daisy-chain it together for easier storage (or maybe just to look cool), and how to hang paracord in the woods around a tree so it doesn’t get lost…

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New Movie Depicts Survivalists As Crazy?

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It was bound to happen. The movies are taking prepping mainstream, but not in a good way.

First, however, let’s talk about how we got to now. For starters, there were several television shows, starting with The Colony which brought together a dozen or so people from different backgrounds to survive some make-believe survival scenario. I watched a handful of shows but the plot got dumber and dumber when they had to confront outsiders but had rules of engagement which just brought the “realistic” possibilities to a screeching halt; I doubt the show lasted long and if it did, it shouldn’t have.

Then there was Doomsday Preppers which is arguably THE show that kicked off the America’s unhealthy fascination with preppers. As hooked as I was for a season or two (mostly because I was jealous of their setups) I realize the show has done less for those of us who identify as survivalists than it could have. Honestly, we just look a bit crazy as a result

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6 Awesome Less Lethal Weapons (video)

TNP shares several interesting less-lethal weapons, most of which are very inexpensive… I think I’m buying most of these today, lol. 😉 In particular, he shares a few impact weapons and a few knives:

an aluminum collapsible baton (I used to carry something similar in our vehicles but the only one I can find on Amazon is super expensive) the which is an impact weapon disguised as a sharpie marker the which is another interesting and hefty impact weapon (a bigger version of a kubotan) the FGX Tai Pan knife (which he apparently

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Car Cell Phone Safety Tip (video)

The Mrs. Volfie talks about a bad single-car accident she had years ago and how she wasn’t able to get to her cell phone because it flew to the back of the car which she couldn’t reach. To make things worse she was alone! Now, she offers an interesting and easy solution for women.

Another idea, that I like everyone to do as a backup, is to keep a prepaid cell phone in the glove box. This phone should be periodically charged to ensure the battery works but doesn’t need to be activated and you don’t even have to buy a minutes card as you can still dial 9-1-1 from any cell phone (activated or not) assuming, of course, there is both emergency services coverage in the area as well as general cell phone coverage.

Now, I’m not saying the glove box can’t or won’t fly open during a bad accident but it’s just another option to consider for both this particular scenario and general vehicle readiness. Here’s her suggestion…

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Magnatek Smart Flares (video)

These do have some interesting uses, such as not being a potential fire hazard, reusable, use as a flashlight, long run-time, magnetic attachment, and more. That said, there are some drawbacks such as relying on batteries which could go bad and that they couldn’t be used to start a fire if for some reason a flare was your only option. If you’re interested in adding these to your vehicle kit then take the time to watch the video as he demos them at day and night, times their longevity on a set of batteries, discusses potential improvements, and more…

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