Bug Out / Wilderness Equipment / Supplies

Gray Man Packs for EDC

Although I have my own ideas on EDC packs, especially how to make a get home bag, these Vanquest packs would be a good choice if you’re looking for something that doesn’t scream “bug out bag” and which can clearly be used on a daily basis for toting around your EDC gear. Plus, there are […]

Skills / Knowledge

13 Survival Acronyms to Jumpstart Your Preparedness

You can find a more complete list of survival acronyms here, but these are the basics I would focus on to get your preparedness in order right from the start. I know there are plenty more that I could’ve chosen to include here, but if you focus on these you’re going to be tending to […]

Equipment / Supplies

A Prepper’s Guide to Stockpiling Alcohol

The typical prepper stockpile should include the essentials like food storage, first-aid supplies, and fuel or energy sources – stuff that’ll be hard to find in an end-of-the-world situation. But what about alcohol? While most people might not think of it as a necessity, I would argue that a well-rounded stockpile includes plenty of booze. […]

Camping / Fire DIY Projects

DIY Mini Wood Stove for Camping

I’ll be honest, although this is a really neat little DIY stove, it looks like way too much work to build when I could probably just buy something (see below) that works just as well or even better. In any case, it was still interesting to watch being made, especially with all the neat additions […]

Food / Water

Tired of Leftovers Yet? Just Wait Until SHTF

You know what question I get that drives me nuts, probably more than any other? It goes something like, “What’s the ONE food I can stockpile for an emergency that doesn’t go bad for years?” Or, perhaps, “What are the ten foods I can have on hand for SHTF that last forever?” Or something like […]

Defense / Security / Safety

Home Defense and Security 101

Discusses what he calls the “4 D’s” of home defense, hardening of doors and windows (all good ideas), landscape options for defense (besides just ducking next to a wall), guard dogs, and plenty more. For the novice homeowner who would like to beef up their defensible space in a suburban environment, this is a good […]

Disaster Planning Skills / Knowledge

How to Be Ready for the Most Common Survival Scenarios

In the developed world, food, water and shelter are readily available — for a fee, of course. But what do you do if these necessities vanish? If your only survival skills come from the “Call of Duty” and “Walking Dead” franchises, you might be in for a nasty surprise. What do you need to know, […]

Equipment / Supplies

Choosing a Survival Axe

I’ve never been very into axes, but apparently they’re not all created equally. Who knew? As for me, I’d just stick with the fire starting style of axes because I’m not that into bushcrafting, though it is interesting to see the differences explained so well, especially if you have a specific need like he talks […]

Defense / Security / Safety Disaster Planning

How to Live in an Area Known for Fires

Whether your dwelling sits comfortably in California, the deep South, or anywhere else prone to wildfires, you probably know that it’s possible to safely life in a place with frequent fires. While it’s important to stay on your toes and take the necessary precautions to live safely in your area, it doesn’t help to live […]

Bug Out / Wilderness Lighting / Communications Skills / Knowledge

How to Use a Flashlight to Signal for Help

Imagine this: Your perfect day out in the backcountry was filled with beautiful landscape views, a couple of critter sightings, and a picture-perfect little lunch spot overlooking the valley below. Things were gearing up to be one for the books, but as you start to make your descent down the mountain and to the safety […]