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Useful Wildfire Tracking Website

Over the weekend I found a useful website called InciWeb (Incident Information System) for tracking current wildfires around the country and, sadly, it appears the entire West Coast is burning down: It’s very easy to use. You can easily zoom in seemingly indefinitely which you’ll want to do. Here’s me zooming into my home state […]

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DIY Box Fan Air Filter to Reduce Smoke Particulates

I live in Washington state where we’ve had some problems with wildfires lately. Apparently the entire West coast is burning down… literally and figuratively. Fortunately, we haven’t been close enough to any wildfire to be in danger, but we have had some noticeable smoke in the area and I’m told we’re going to have more […]

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DIY Compact Campfire Grill

Well this was a neat DIY project to come across this morning. Fortunately, you don’t need to purchase much if you’re interested in attempting to make it. About the only complaint I have is that it sure would’ve been nice if he saved the crutches and used something else like some copper pipe from the […]

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First Strike Rations, Better Than MREs?

Almost a year ago now, I purchased an MRE-style meal for our bug out bags called First Strike Rations. Surprisingly, I’ve never heard of such a thing before, but apparently they’re intended for military special ops-type-folks who want a full meal plan but without unnecessary extras like MRE heaters. And, even though I tend not […]

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21 Camping and Backpacking Stoves Tested

I’m jealous, this guy has more survival stoves than I do, lol. He starts with rocket stove designs, including ones I’ve never seen before like the Hot Ash Rocket Stove and the VIRE stove (his personal favorite of the rocket stoves), then moves on to tried and true stoves like the Kelly Kettle and JetBoil […]

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It’s a Beautiful Day Today, I Hope You’re Enjoying It Too

I know you expect survival-related posts, but I’ve been realizing just how nice the weather has been where I live (near Seattle) and, as such, I’ve been making an effort to spend more time outside considering how much we’ve been stuck indoors over the past several months. Plus, I’ve been noticing the sun setting earlier […]

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Survival Matches: Are They Worth It?

Are waterproof safety matches or Stormproof matches really the better option for survival? What about DIY survival matches, the kind that you melt wax yourself and dip the head? Yes, but not all options are equally viable. For starters, if it’s windy or raining then regular matches just won’t stand up to anything; even the […]

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Air Guns For Self Defense?

The title got my attention. It’s an interesting thought experiment but clearly no substitute to a firearm for self defense as the experiments he conducts show. There’s just not enough stopping power in most air guns, especially handgun-style options. Plus, there’s the very real concern that many of these pellet guns look exactly like their […]

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Power Tools Every Prepper Needs

When considering tools, preppers often tend to gravitate towards manual or hand-powered tools due to their ease of use. The number one question that always arises when considering power tools for prepping is, “what if the grid goes down?” While that is a valid question, there may be some events where the grid is still […]

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Work Evacuation Kit

Interesting take on a city-specific evacuation kit. Although I would still be more interested in having my get home bag in most cases, I can see how something like the kit he’s put together could be significantly more useful if you live or work in a major city. Beyond that, simply using a suitcase instead […]